Fans Make Petition for Doraemon to Reduce Shizuka's Shower Scene


Fans Make Petition for Doraemon to Reduce Shizuka's Shower Scene

Since it was first published in 1969, it is no exaggeration to say Doraemon is one of Japan's most important series. This series has been around for half a century and along with it its long history also carries various burdens, such as the treatment of Shizuka Minamoto.

To be precise, his favorite activity is taking a bath, which is often a joke in this series. A group of parents who grew up with this series and represented Midorino Mushima have created a petition, to reduce the scene. The petition itself has been open since December 3.

The petition basically asks that the shower scene not be reproduced in future production, or should it be reduced as much as possible. Even if a scene such as during a rerun cannot be avoided, the viewer is asked to warn the scene that this is illegal activity. Of course the petition asking for other indecent scenes to receive similar treatment.

Currently 1,042 signatures are being reached from the target of 1,500. Of course there are pros and cons responses to these demands: [post_ads]

"I don't like it when my child sees a shower scene"

"Unfortunately Shizuka herself has never been shown to be negatively affected by this treatment."

"I want my child to be safe to see Doraemon."

"This is a scene that is not really important for the story."

"Like this is still working ?."

The arguments rejecting the charges include:

"So far, why wasn't the door locked?"

"Giant's behavior is more problematic."

"Totoro's shower scene wants to be censored?"

Personally, we are now half a century with this series and in this modern era there are many other sources to look at Shizuka's "history" for those who seek it. I think that after 50 years of bathing, the heroine is clean and deserves another material.

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