Grandfather in Kanto Complains About His Neighbor Who Often Looks Naked


Grandfather in Kanto Complains About His Neighbor Who Often Looks Naked

Recently a grandfather (70) who lives in the Kanto region voiced his grievances. He said that the women who live next door often spend time naked or in only their underwear. This grandfather admits that he is afraid of being charged with spying on his neighbor.

“I don't care what my house looks like, but the problem is the house next door doesn't have curtains on their windows,” emphasized the grandfather. He also continued that the window of his house was opposite the window of his neighbor's house, so that when he opened the curtains, he could see the contents of his neighbor's house and he felt uncomfortable with it.

Unfortunately, the grandfather often found the woman who was his neighbor walking in the house naked. The grandfather then wrote a letter and put it in the neighbor's post box. This letter contains, "Can you put curtains on your windows to maintain privacy?". [post_ads]

After sending the letter, there was no sign of his grandfather's neighbor to put up a curtain on his window. The worried grandfather explained, "If one day I saw him again, I might have been arrested on suspicion of peeping ...".

Grandfather in Kanto Complains About His Neighbor Who Often Looks Naked

A lawyer, Keiji Kanegae, explained the potential legal concerns his grandfather had. Reading the explanation from his grandfather, Kanegae made sure that this did not constitute a crime of peeping. Peeping in this case is meant by deliberately seeing an object through a gap or shadow. [post_ads_2]

According to article 23 in the minor criminal act of Japanese Criminal Law, peeping is defined as someone who secretly observes in a house / bathroom / changing room / toilet / other place where normally a person does not wear clothes without supporting reasons.

Then what about women who deliberately reveal their bodies to others? Kanegae explained that in theory, nudity could be considered indecent. In this case, the woman did not perform an outdoor nude exhibition, but rather indoors. Even though he was still indoors, the windows and doors were deliberately opened for neighbors to see. It can be concluded that there was an element of indecent intent in the case and the woman could be sentenced. Kanegae also understands the difficulty of bringing this case to the realm of crime, but if it happens too often, it's time to push yourself to report to the police.

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