One Piece: Fan Theory About the Second Timeskip?


One Piece: Fan Theory About the Second Timeskip?

The development of Luffy's strength and abilities is indeed very fast, especially when compared to before the Sabaody event and before the two-year time-skip occurred. Currently, not only Luffy can do various powerful abilities, but the entire Straw Hat crew thanks to their two years of training.

As we already know in the Sabaody arc, we are shown an event where Bartholomew Kuma threw all the Straw Hat crew to different places. Even though he was confused, it turned out that Kuma's main goal in doing this was so that the Straw Hat crew grew stronger, by training and developing themselves. [post_ads]

This training process lasted for two years, and became known as the time-skip. The results of the two years of training were indeed very powerful, but in the fight against Katakuri, Big Mom and also against Kaido at the beginning of the Wano arc, it shows how Luffy's strength is still not strong enough, especially if you have to fight enemies like Yonko.

One Piece: Fan Theory About the Second Timeskip?

Is Monkey D. Luffy strong enough now? That question is probably what most One Piece fans have in mind. Admittedly, the power of Gear 4 Luffy is very powerful, but for a Yonko classmate, this power is proven to have no effect whatsoever.

In fact, Luffy himself was defeated by Kaido with just one attack. This is of course very influential, especially since Luffy has been predicted as the fifth Yonko. In Chapters 1000 - 1004 yesterday we did see how Luffy's training results were while at Wano. He used a new Haki technique, which made him feel the effects of overusing Haki. [post_ads]

And even though consecutive attacks were carried out, Kaido and Big Mom still stood firm. In fact, Kaido himself considered that the "game" was just beginning. This is shown by Kaido by showing his hybrid form - which is the hybrid form is the strongest transformation of the Zoan devil fruit user.

Right now Luffy might be able to get help from various parties, but what about in the next big battle? Luffy certainly can't always rely on other people's help. That's why Luffy's strength feels like he has to be increased again. Then, in what way? There is no other way to get back to training, like in yesterday's time-skip. [post_ads]

If indeed the second time-skip is done, Oda Sensei needs to make this storyline carefully, because the second time-skip will certainly be different from the first. One example is that compared to separating the entire Straw Hat crew to various places, like in the first time-skip, it would be better if they were in the same place or territory and they trained together.

Maybe after all this war is over, Luffy will realize about his strength and in the next arc he will invite others to train, in order to prepare themselves to face various enemies or even stronger threats. Because they certainly will never know what awaits them ahead. Will Luffy and the others return to training? let's just look forward to it! [post_ads_2]

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