One Piece : SPOILER! Full Story of Manga Chapter 1005: Nico Robin vs Black Maria


One Piece  : SPOILER! Full Story of Manga Chapter 1005: Nico Robin vs Black Maria

One Piece manga chapter 1005 has be titled "Devil's Child".

In the leak, One Piece chapter 1005 will tell about the place of battle in a place other than the peak of Onigashima.

Where fans will be taken to see the fate of Sanji, who is now in Black Maria's place.

In addition, the beautiful Nico Robin has finally returned after a long time not being told by Oda.

There will be some hilarious and exciting action from other characters as well.

Then, we will also see who is the mysterious figure in Akazaya Nine's place.

One Piece Chapter 1005 Detailed summary

On the cover, Katakuri shares donuts and milk with several kittens.

Black Maria had to hurry and go to kill the injured Red Scabars, so she ordered Sanji to summon Nico Robin.

The entrance to the 3rd floor was covered in Black Maria's net so, as soon as Nico Robin got close, he would be trapped and shot by Black Maria's subordinates.

Black Maria pressed and started punching Sanji, but Sanji didn't say anything.

Black Maria's underlings become moved by Sanji's insubordination, saying he has to endure it for the sake of his friends.

Sanji: "Stop! Give me one second to say something!"

Black Maria's subordinate: “Ohhhh !!

He will say something cool like "Go to hell!" then willing to die for his crew. "

Sanji: “HELP ME ROBIN-CHANNNNN !!! I was taken hostage in the banquet hall on the 3rd floor!

Forgive me!!"

Sanji's voice was heard all over the island. We saw Sasaki against Franky, Jinbe against Who's Who and Marco against King (we saw that King was shooting a bullet).

Child crew: "What is this sad broadcast?"

Crew Law: "That's the Straw Hat crew!" [post_ads]

Sasaki taunts Franky by saying that Sanji is a pitiful person for coaxing Nico Robin into a trap.

Marco laughs and mentions how much fun these guys (the Straw Hats) are.

Nami: "Geez ... !! The enemy must be a woman. "

Usopp noticed that Sanji's voice came from a cat with an eye-tagged paper on its face.

Black Maria said she liked Sanji a lot so she wouldn't let him go.

He will become his pet like everyone else in the room who is trapped in the net and continues to say how Black Maria is the only one they love.

Sanji: "No! I want to love all women!"

Black Maria was angry and was about to hit Sanji again.

But Robin's giant hand appeared and slapped Black Maria. [post_ads_2]

Robin got a great entrance in banquet hall.

Robin: "I've been in the evil organization for a long time.

When my friend gets hurt, my “Devil Side” tends to come out! "

It was revealed that Brook had frozen all of Black Maria's nets, so that Robin could enter the floor without getting trapped.

Brook then froze Sanji's net and freed him.

Black Maria: "Stop" Black-Leg "!! I won't let you go!"

Robin: "Are those your last words?"

Robin then turned around and winked at Sanji.

Robin: “Thank you for asking for my help !! I'm glad you did. "

The scene shifted to Yamato and Momonosuke's side.

Yamato catches a paper mouse with an eye mark that sneaks into the room.

Yamato explains that these are Kaidou's spies called "Marries" (or "Merries", their Japanese name is メ ア リ ー ズ).

They are cyborgs that are released across the island and send images and signals to the human “Marries”.

Kaidou's men now know that they are hiding in this room and barge in. [post_ads]

So Yamato and Shinobu fought together while Momonosuke hid in Yamato's shirt.

Cut to the 3rd floor, Jack is found and runs towards the samurai's room.

He wanted to settle his old grudge with Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Raizou.

Jack informs Black Maria via a communication signal that he will do it himself. The Red Scabbards may be half dead but they are still too strong for "Tobiroppo".

Cut to Black Maria, she prepared to fight Robin and Brook.

Black Maria takes out her kimono that reveals a tattoo on her back with the word 女 難 (problem with women). She wields a large, long staff that has a Wanyūdō (a flaming tipping wheel with a demon's head) on the edge.

Black Maria: “Nico Robin! Your life now will be in Kaidou-sama's hands !! "

Robin: "I'd better die !!!"

Chapter ends.

No rest next week, One Piece Chapter 1006 is out next Sunday, March 7th.

Those are the contents of the complete spoilers of the One Piece manga chapter 1005.

Don't forget to download it officially when it's released on Sunday, February 28, 2021 on the Manga Plus website. [post_ads_2]

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