Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren Yeager's death makes no sense! | Attack on Titan


Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren Yeager's death makes no sense! | Attack on Titan

Is Eren Yeager really dead? This is a question that many fans of Attack on Titan are still debating after what happened in the latest chapter of the manga series. The moment of Rumbling was still going on and it was just a moment away from touching Marley's last stronghold. The alliance forces are still trying to stop the movement of Founding Titan Eren and the Wall Titan troops.

They try to do their last resort, namely asking for help from the other Titan heirs. This was shown in chapter 137 yesterday, where in the world of Path, the two main characters in the story, Zeke Yeager and Armin Arlert, tried to get out of the Path world and also asked for help from the previous Titan heirs to help them. [post_ads]

And the plan worked, where the previous Titan heirs helped defeat the other Titans who were trying to protect the Founding Titan. Until then in the end, Jean managed to blow Eren's neck. Rumbling then stopped moving, and Armin with his Colossal Titan power tried to blow up the area.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren Yeager's death makes no sense! | Attack on Titan

Some fans believe that Eren Yeager is still alive. One of the reasons is the vast difference in power, aka unbalanced and irrational. This reason is actually quite reasonable. The reason is, since the beginning of the Rumbling moment, we have been presented with a vast difference in strength between Marley's military forces and the Titan attacks.

For example, when Marley's navy tried to stop the Wall Titan's attack at sea with their anti-titan cannons, they were all unable to do anything to stop the Wall Titans. They finally lost. Then at Marley Harbor, the same thing happened again. Humans could not stand the tantrums of the Titans. [post_ads]

Finally in the battle for Fort Salta, Marley sends his air assault troops to confront the Titans. Marley's men did manage to attack them, but that didn't mean they could win. In fact, Founding Titan and Rumbling are still continuing their mission. And in chapter 137, we saw as if the sequence of events that had happened before had become useless.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren Yeager's death makes no sense! | Attack on Titan

With his strength, Eren and the other Titans can be defeated by only a few people from the allied forces. There were indeed two Ackerman and five Titan Shifter facing them. However, how could they then defeat Eren and the other Titan troops who had defeated thousands of Marley's warships and also succeeded in destroying Marley's other military. [post_ads]

What's also interesting is that none of the allied troops died in the attack on the Founding Titan's body. This then became a debate among fans. The plot presented by Hajime Isayama is considered illogical and rational. There is no logical explanation why they can win. Either because Hajime Isayama had to finish everything immediately so that all the details seemed rushed. The result is a forced plot.

Logically, if against Marley's thousands of military troops, Eren and the Wall Titan could win easily, then the fight against the allied forces should be over in a short time. Indeed there are Levi and Mikasa, but Levi himself is not in a perfect state. And it seemed that neither of them would be able to face the immense power of Rumbling, despite their reputation as the most powerful Survey Army. We are just waiting for the fate of Eren and the others in the upcoming chapter, geeks. (Featured Image: Singeki no Kyojin Manga) [post_ads_2]

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