Why Hobbs & Shaw 2 Production Filming Is Delayed?


Why Hobbs & Shaw 2 Production Filming Is Delayed?

In an interview with Collider, Hobbs & Shaw film producer Kelly McCormick explained that the filming of Hobbs & Shaw 2 has been postponed for now. However, his party hopes to finish the film at a later time. McCormick said that Dwayne Johnson's busy filming Hobbs & Shaw 2 should be postponed. Johnson himself is an important actor in this film, so McCormick is willing to wait for the right time to start making Hobbs & Shaw 2.

“Everyone is very busy. I mean, who's busier than Dwayne Johnson? And, Johnson was very important to the project. We are waiting for Johnson's free time. I think this film will be something great to continue, but I think everyone is so busy working on their own projects in the midst of COVID that we still have to wait. " Says McCormick. [post_ads]

Why Hobbs & Shaw 2 Production Filming Is Delayed?

Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson are very busy actors. They even had to adjust the schedule after the Covid pandemic. The F9 film, which is the main film, has to be postponed to May 2021. Until now, the Hobbs & Shaw film script has not been made. It seems that it will still take another one to two years for the Hobbs & Shaw 2 film to start its production stage. Moreover, Universal as the studio that worked on Hobbs & Shaw 2 had to take care of other films that were delayed for 2020.

The first Hobbs & Shaw film grossed nearly $ 800 million worldwide. Even without Vin Diesel and the other cast from the Fast & Furious film, the film proved to be very successful. If the main story of Fast & Furious is over, Universal could continue to develop and focus on Hobbs & Shaw, by continuing to make sequels. Let's just wait, Geeks, when the Hobbs & Shaw 2 film starts to enter its production stage. [post_ads_2]

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