5 Annoying Things You Often Encounter in RPG Games


5 Annoying Things You Often Encounter in RPG Games

RPG are one of the most popular game genres. This genre has been around since the 1970s and has undergone many evolutions. Many games try to come up with new ideas and formulas, some end up being successful but some fail.

But even though you have undergone many changes, there are many annoying things that you can find when playing RPG games. Some have changed slowly, but some you can still find in many RPG games.

1. Combat that Only Collides Damage

5 Annoying Things You Often Encounter in RPG Games

One more element that makes RPG games interesting is the combat system. Generally, when playing RPG games, you will spend quite a bit of time fighting enemies. This means that a solid and unique combat system is an important factor to make you feel at home playing for hours.

On the other hand, a "semi-finished" combat system will make your gaming experience feel boring after a few hours. The worst case is when combat in the game is nothing more than fighting damage with an opponent. You only need to do damage continuously and finish off your opponent as fast as possible before your opponent finishes you off.

One example for this case is the majority of the story mode / single player Pokemon game. Generally, you only need to look for carrying Pokemon with attacks with elements that are effective against your opponent. You don't need to take advantage of other combat mechanisms that actually exist, such as status effects or buffs / debuffs. It's quite unfortunate because the experience is much different in PvP mode where you have to take advantage of a lot of non-damage things to get ahead of your opponent. [post_ads]

2. Excessive Fetch Quest

5 Annoying Things You Often Encounter in RPG Games

One of the ways developers get you to interact with the world in the game is by giving you lots of missions that you have to do. This mission can be mandatory so you can get the progress of the story, but some are side-by-side. What you have to do in these missions also varies. But of the many types of tasks you can get, fetch quests are probably the most tedious, especially if the portions are excessive.

Fetch quests are missions where you have to move to one place to find someone or a place, usually to pick up / deliver goods or deliver messages. On paper this mission is actually boring, but this can be covered with a more interesting mission context.

Unfortunately if done too often, the fetch quest will be a very annoying mission. This is because you have to go back and forth just to talk to the NPC and not do interesting gameplay. One example of a bad fetch quest I encountered was in the recently released Bravely Default 2. You have to deliver the food that a wife in town makes to her husband who works in the ruins. But then you have to go back to the wife to get a drinking bottle, then come back again to get cutlery, then finally convey a message of affection for the wife. You have to go back and forth to the same two locations only for missions that don't contribute to the story.

Again, fetch quest is not a too bad mission if the portions are right and have an interesting context and narrative. But a game has too many fetch quests, you might feel the developer just wants to waste your time. [post_ads]

3. Random Encounter

5 Annoying Things You Often Encounter in RPG Games

Random encounters are a feature that has been around for a long time in the RPG genre, especially JRPGs. But even though it has been around for a long time, I think it is time for the random encounter feature to be abandoned in this or any genre.

Unless you really want to grind, random encounters are always interruptions that can ruin your momentum or your journey. You are rushing through an area to continue the story. But then your screen changes, you are taken to the loading screen, then you have to finish off the opponent you are facing. After that you have to see your party pose a victory, see the EXP you get, once again see the loading screen, then continue the journey.

Imagine that you have to go through this process many times, especially when you don't want to fight at all. It's even worse if the monster area you are exploring has a lower level which, if defeated, only wastes MP, HP, and time because it doesn't provide proper EXP. Sure, you can still run away to save time, but in the end you still have to pass at least three screens before you can continue your journey.

Fortunately this feature is being deprecated. Many RPG games have started showing monsters roaming the overworld and you can face them if you touch them. So you can decide when you want to fight. Some games like Final Fantasy XV even allow you to directly face monsters in the overworld without having to move from the exploration screen to the combat screen. [post_ads]

4. Bad Characters and NPCs

5 Annoying Things You Often Encounter in RPG Games

This time I will not mention gameplay elements but storytelling elements in RPG games. In order to be interested and want to live the story that happened, an RPG game should have a good character, starting from the main character, other characters in the party, even the NPC. These characters don't have to be innovative and unique, but at least they have personalities that match the game and have interesting interactions with each other. If not, you may not be comfortable playing these characters for very long.

How a character can be declared good is very different and depends on your taste. But characters who are bad or don't have good interactions with each other will make your experience a little bit disturbed. Even if you can't stand these characters, you may become lazy to play.

The same was true for NPCs. Sometimes there are NPCs that appear in the story and have characteristics that don't seem to fit the story or the moment. In addition, sometimes there are NPCs who only appear once but then are no longer relevant in the story.

5. Obligation to do Grinding

5 Annoying Things You Often Encounter in RPG Games

A solid combat system can indeed make an RPG game fun and not boring. But even the combat system can be very hated if you have to do it continuously just to get the story progress.

RPG games are also known as Boss Fight which challenges the player's ability to formulate strategies. If you have a party combination that complements each other, can recognize boss fighting abilities and patterns, and can formulate and execute appropriate strategies, you should be able to face bosses of a higher level. But the fun will be lost if the boss can't be defeated unless you are at a higher level.

The obligation of this level may not be seen in the game. Sometimes the boss you face is tough and / or has very strong attacks and has special things that can only be resisted by certain mechanisms. Imagine if this mechanism could only be accessed when your character stepped on a high level. You mean you have to spend time grinding or increasing your level by eliminating monsters in the overworld many times and for hours.

What are some moments and things that you hate when you play RPG games? let us know in the comments below! [post_ads_2]


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