5 Iconic Game Characters That Fans Created


5 Iconic Game Characters That Fans Created

In a game, creating iconic characters is too difficult. Even for some modern developers, they have done research in order to create characters that fans like with a myriad of interesting things to discuss. However, have you ever heard about the iconic characters that were not created directly from the developer?

Yes, there are a number of iconic characters that were created by the interference of fans or people outside the internal developer team. Some of these characters have survived and are still in use today. Intrigued by the list? Here is the complete list.

1. Akuma – Street Fighter

5 Iconic Game Characters That Fans Created

Akuma is a character who made his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo where he appears as an unnamed CPU fighter to replace M. Bison as the final boss of the game. So, where did Akuma actually come from? Apparently not from Capcom guys.

Akuma was the result of an April Fool's Day joke put out by Electronic Gaming Monthly in 1992. They said that Street Fighter II had a bonus boss that could be unlocked with a series of difficult steps.

The character named Sheng Long is said to be a character similar to Ryu and Ken. According to them, this figure will appear to replace Bison as the last king. Gamers finally believe and ask the form of this character.

However, this trick caught the attention of Super Street Fighter II Turbo designer Noritaka Funamizu, who wanted to realize this character in order to treat the disappointment of fans who knew that it was only April Fool's Day. [post_ads]

2. Clem – Warframe

5 Iconic Game Characters That Fans Created

An NPC named Clem is one of the favorite characters in the Warframe game. He is actually a meme made by fans out of habit of the Grineers. In this game Grineer often says the word "clem".

The situation continued when the end of 2013 gamers and a comic artist named Datareaper created the story of The Chronicles of Clem which depicts Grineer's soldiers trying to defect to Tenno.

Datareaper continued to release comics and repeat designs until the developers of Digital Extremes decided to include Clem in their game, using Datareaper's designs and weapons of choice. Its characteristics are also consistently drawn from comics. Since he first arrived, Clem is considered as one of the most loved characters by gamers.

3. Ermac – Mortal Kombat

5 Iconic Game Characters That Fans Created

The creation of one of Mortal Kombat's secret past characters, Ermac is one of the interesting things. Why is it interesting? Because Ed Boon as the game designer of Mortal Kombat invited fans and game journalists in its development.

In 1992, the game Mortal Kombat put a message called ERMACS on one of its menus. ERMACS itself stands for error macro. However, fans actually made him a secret character and they began to search for Mortal Kombat 1992 edition.

Unfortunately, even though Midway has deleted this message, the issue of the Ermac character has already spread throughout the world. The situation is getting worse when Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine shares a photo of a red ninja character who is actually a Scorpion.

In the end, Ed Boon just entered the character in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Ermac can be accessed via a secret code. The character designs are similar to what journalists and fans believe. Yes, the big encouragement from fans and journalists about Ermac's presence encouraged Ed Boon to include this character. [post_ads]

4. Leroy Jenkins – World of Warcraft

5 Iconic Game Characters That Fans Created

Long before the word meme was known on social media, in the past, photo editing on the internet turned out to be funnier and more interesting to enjoy. Yes, Leeroy Jenkins was one of the sensations on the internet in 2005.

The word Leeroy Jenkins himself was created when a video was posted on the internet with a scene at war. The troops shouted the words "Leeeeeeroooooy Jenkins!" Unfortunately, all the troops died in the war effort to save Leeroy. Since then, Leeroy has become one of the leading entities in the World of Warcraft community.

Of course this ultimately makes the character Leeroy Jenkins actually included in the World of Warcraft game as an NPC character. In an expansion titled Warlords of Draenor in 2014, players can revive Leeroy's corpse.

Only 15 minutes of time for him to entertain and will die if gamers can not clean the area where the fight. If you do well and keep Jenkins alive, he will become your follower.

5. Juju – Skullgirls

5 Iconic Game Characters That Fans Created

One of the most interesting characters that fans created and later added to the game is Juju from Skullgirls. This character was created by Cecee McNeil, a fan who posted the idea on the official Facebook page when the game was not yet released.

The post quickly gained traction, so the developer agreed to include Juju in the game. The cool thing is, according to a number of references, Juju is a canon character. Juju is then listed as a potential DLC character to be included in the game, where McNeil asks for financial compensation when his character is added to the game.

Despite the smooth start, however, McNeil broke an agreement requiring him to keep his meetings with the team a secret. The decision was then made to drop Juju's character into the game where all references to the game were removed.

Even so, Juju remains the icon of Skullgirls even though she has never legally made her in-game debut. Even eight years after it was canceled, fans are still disappointed about this. [post_ads_2]


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