6 Facts About Park Ju Hyun and Kyung Soo Jin, Cast of Korean Drama 'Mouse'


6 Facts About Park Ju Hyun and Kyung Soo Jin, Cast of Korean Drama 'Mouse'

Drama Mouse is still perched on the ranks of Korean dramas with high ratings this week.

This drama tells the story of a police officer, Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) and detective Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) hunting an evil predator who is described as the most dangerous psychopath.

Each episode is riddled with puzzles and law enforcers are faced with calculating steps.

However, the greatness of Mouse is not only in the greatness of the story and the charm of Lee Seung Gi. Two of the skills of beautiful artists, Park Ju Hyun and Kyung Soo Jin, solidified Mouse as one drama that should not be missed.

To get to know more closely, consider six fun facts about these two mouse stars.

Park Ju Hyun

6 Facts About Park Ju Hyun and Kyung Soo Jin, Cast of Korean Drama 'Mouse'

1. Rookie Artist with a Skyrocketing Career

In 2015 Park Ju Hyun started her career in the art world as an actress. She made hers debut through the film The Dude in Me as one of the supporting actors.

Through the drama Extracurricular and Zombie Detective Park Ju Hyun is believed to be the main character.

Apart from acting in dramas and films, Park Ju Hyun has also modeled for music videos. Some of the musicians she has worked with are OurR on a song called Swing, Zico on a Cartoon song, and Jang Sung Kyu on a Workman song (feat. Jay Park and Sik-K).

2. Modeling Career and Have a Personal Youtube Account

Park Ju Hyun's face often appears as a model in several well-known magazines, such as GQ Korea, Marie Claire Korea, Harper's Bazaar Korea, Singles Korea, and W Korea.

In addition, Park Ju Hyun also has a Youtube account with a variety of interesting content. Many of the videos are equipped with English subtitles to make it easier for international fans to watch them.

3. Park Ju Hyun's pet

One of the activities that Park Ju Hyun often shares on Instagram is playing together with hers pet female dog, Bok-Tteonggi

The dog was born in 2016. No less popular than Park Ju Hyun, Bok-Tteonggio also has a personal Instagram account named @charmgirl_baby.

Kyung Soo Jin

6 Facts About Park Ju Hyun and Kyung Soo Jin, Cast of Korean Drama 'Mouse'

4. Early Career

Before starting hers career as an actress, Kyung Soo Jin became a model while still under the auspices of Starhaus Entertainment.

2012 was the year Kyung Soo Jin started her career as an actress. When Soo Jin got her main role in the drama Eunhui, she won the Best New Actress award at the 27th KBS Drama Awards.

Hers acting skills are increasingly recognized by many parties, making her starred in more than 20 drama titles. In 2018, Kyung Soo Jin officially joined one of the big agencies in South Korea, namely YG Entertainment.

5. Enjoys Sports and Talent in the Arts

Even though she has a busy career as an actress, Kyung Soo Jin still enjoys her hobby.

She likes sports such as tennis and has shared these activities several times on hers personal Instagram account.

Not only exercising, Kyung Soo Jin also loves singing and dancing. In hers spare time, Kyung Soo Jin likes to do various activities that he can do on hers own.

6. Kyung Soo Jin's career is taking off

There are many big drama titles that have been played by Kyung Soo Jin, such as House of Bluebird, Train, and most recently Mouse.

Besides being the main character in the drama, Kyung Soo Jin is also the muse of a South Korean beauty brand, Scinic.

Hers healthy skin has made her trusted to be the muse brand since January 2020. Kyung Soo Jin has also become a model for developer advertisements in South Korea and beverage product advertisements.


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