7 Best Visual Novel PC Games That You Must Try


7 Best Visual Novel PC Games That You Must Try

Visual novel games might be considered boring because you just follow the dialogue and the story without really getting involved in the gameplay. In addition, the majority of games in this genre are also known to be only about romance with unimpressive themes and characters. But over time, this genre has also begun to evolve, from presenting a much more interesting and unique story, to incorporating unusual gameplay elements.

For those of you who play games on PC, visual novels are the right genre for those who want to enjoy an interesting story, but are still involved in light gameplay. Here are seven of our recommended best PC visual novel gameplay.

1. Steins; Gate

Before becoming a fairly well-known anime, Steins; Gate is actually a visual novel game with a pretty interesting story. One factor that makes this game's story unique is that you will solve problems by going back to the past using time traveling.

Since it is considered worthy of being made into an anime, I think the quality of Steins' story; Gate is unquestionable. Not only that, the story you get also varies depending on the decisions you take throughout the game. [post_ads]

2. Va-11 Hall-A

Va-11 Hall-A is a bar in the city that contains all kinds of residents, from ordinary humans to androids to talking dogs. As a bartender at Va-11 Hall-A, you have to serve guests by making drinks according to their orders… or not. While serving these diverse guests, you will listen to their stories of life.

In terms of gameplay, Va-11 Hall-A is actually quite simple because you only need to combine ingredients to make drinks. The main attraction of Va-11 Hall-A is in the customers you serve and their stories. These subscribers come from different walks of life, from editors who like to write clickbait articles, soldiers, to “call” android girls. You will hear their stories and difficulties, and depending on how you serve, they may want to tell you more.

3. Danganronpa

Of all the games on this list, the Danganronpa series has probably the most "active" gameplay elements. Regardless of the title, you will always be playing as one of the few super students with one special ability. You and these students are caught in a game where one student will be appointed to kill another student. After that whoever is still alive must try to find out who among them is the killer.

Danganronpa has always had characters with interesting abilities and personalities. This makes the conversations and stories that occur in each Danganronpa game always unique. But what is no less important is of course the various mini-games that you have to follow, the mysteries you have to solve, as well as the scene of the victim's death and "punishment" for the killer. [post_ads]

4. Coffee Talk

Released by Toge Production from Indonesia developer, Coffee Talk tells the stories of visitors to a coffee shop. As the owner and barista of the shop, you will hear the stories of these characters, and one of them wants to make a book from the stories of these visitors.

Coffee Talk takes a lot of inspiration from Va-11 Hall-A, starting from the gameplay mechanism that makes drinks by blending. Besides that, how far your customers want to tell and the ending you get also depends on the way you serve customers. But beyond that, Coffee Talk still has unique characters and stories.

5. AI: The Somnium Files

AI: The Somnium Files is a game by Spike Chunsoft, the studio that also makes the Danganronpa and Steins series; Gate. Just like Danganronpa, this game also has a mystery theme where you have to solve a murder mystery. But this time you don't solve the mystery by just thinking and investigating the murder scene, but by going into the world of dreams for clues.

The concept of going into other people's dreams for clues is certainly the main attraction of AI: The Somnium Files. But besides that, like other Spike Chunsoft games, this game also has interesting characters as well as a unique, evocative, and branching story depending on the choices you make throughout the game. [post_ads]

6. Doki Doki Literature Club

At first glance, Doki Doki Literature Club looks like an ordinary romance visual novel game. You will play as a high school student who joins a literature club which contains four attractive-looking students. You then approach one of the four students by writing a poem that your ideal student likes.

For several hours, the Doki Doki Literatur Club looked very ordinary. But if you keep playing, you will get surprises and experiences that you might not expect.

7. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series has a little in common with Danganronpa, in that you have to solve a mister case. But here you will play as a lawyer and tasked with defending your client in court. But before making a defense before a judge, you must carry out an investigation to prove your client's innocence.

Even though you have to face cases one by one, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney still has a pretty interesting story to follow. The story is also equipped with several characters that are no less interesting. [post_ads_2]


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