Anime Character Designer Vinland Saga Gives Clue for Season 2


Anime Character Designer Vinland Saga Gives Clue for Season 2

It has been more than a year since the end of the first season of Vinland Saga with a teaser featuring cut scenes for the next arc Slave, based on the original manga. With the anime prologue ending in episode 24, the real story should begin soon in season 2.

Vinland Saga director Shuuhei Yabuta previously provided an illustrated clue featuring Thorfinn and Askeladd's dialogue without any certainty. And this time it is the turn of the famous animator Takahiko Abiru (character designer and series animation director) to give a new clue via his Twitter tweet.

Continue to be involved in the production of Attack on Titan: Final Season, and I will also participate in Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus Bride) as one of the staff members of KAFKA Studios. But there is other work I need to do a lot more. most importantly, you know.

I plowed the fields again today.

Some fans argue that the last sentence, plowing the fields may be a reference to the Vinland Saga manga story in the next Arc after the prologue ends. Where the anime is supposed to adapt the Arc for season 2.

Although it is possible that the above instructions refer to the second season of the anime. But we can't confirm anything from Takahiko Abiru's tweet. Just like the first clue given by Shuuhei Yabuta last year, without any confirmation, this will only remain a rumor.

Both Shuuhei Yabuta and Takahiko Abiru have a great love for the Vinland Saga franchise and they will be pouring that into their workers in season 2. Only if it actually happens.

How are Thorfin and the others going to Vinland? If you are so curious and want to know the sequel immediately, you can read it in the manga, around chapters 53 - 63.


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