Best Build for Razor in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon


Best Build for Razor in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon

Razor is one of the Genshin Impact characters who is very popular because of the ease with which he can get it with gacha. He is a four star character which means that he is easy to get through the gacha roll. But other than that he is a reliable DPS character, and has a very simple build that can be reached quickly and easily.

In this article we will discuss the best builds for Razor in Genshin Impact.

Razor Best Artifact

Best Build for Razor in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon

Since he only needed to increase physical damage, Razor had a choice of Artifact which was also simple. You only need to find a set that is very easy to find, and look for attack stats and physical damage. After that you can look for Energy Recharge for continuous use of Burst and Critical Rate for additional damage.

  • Gladiator's Finale (4): The best single set for Razor is Gladiator's Finale. Both of these set effects provide bonus Attack and bonus damage from Normal Attack. Both of them are very suitable for Razor who relies heavily on ordinary attacks.

Actually, Razor has another set of Artifact alternatives, such as Bloodstained Chivalry. Unfortunately, there is only one effect of Bloodstained Chivalry that is useful for Razor, which is the first effect. While the second effect (bonus damage for Charged Attack) is useless. This makes Bloodstained Chivalry must be paired with other sets, whether it's Gladiator's Finale or Thundering Fury. But neither of them is optimal compared to the four Gladiator's Finale. [post_ads]

Razor Best Weapon

Best Build for Razor in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon

Razor deals pure damage from physical attacks. All of the kits that he has are intended so that he can produce as much physical damage as possible and as quickly as possible. That's why it has a fairly simple build direction, including the choice of weapons. You only need to look for weapons that increase Attack or Critical.

  • Snow-Tombed Starsilver: The best weapon for Razor right now is the one that was released in the last Dragonspine expansion. This weapon provides Physical Damage stats which are Razor's main source of damage. The effect also provides an additional source of damage, and synergizes with Cryo, which is the main tandem choice for the Razor team.

  • Prototype Archaic: Before the Snow-Tombed Starsilver, the main weapon choice for Razor was the Prototype Archaic (formerly Prototype Aminus). This weapon also provides a fairly large additional damage effect. But the difference is that this weapon provides additional attack stats which are slightly worse than Snow-Tombed Starsilver.

  • Serpent Spine: If you feel you have enough Attack and want to increase it even further, Critical is the only option. For now, the best pick is on the Serpent Spine from the paid Battle Pass. This weapon provides Critical Rate stats which will increase Razor's damage output. [post_ads]

Best Lineup for Razor

Best Build for Razor in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon

Razor is a character that can only be installed as the team's main DPS. Fortunately, because it has a simple and non-varied build, forming a lineup for the Razor is also not difficult.

Because they rely more on physical damage, the team for Razor should help him increase this physical damage. This means that the character who is his partner should wear the Cryo element to help him activate the Superconduct which amplifies physical damage.

Kaeya is one of the best choices because he has Elemental Skill and Burst with a short cooldown. Then on the healer side you have two choices, namely Diona or Qiqi. Diona is able to provide a more consistent Cryo effect, while Qiqi provides more reliable healing.

If you have installed Razor and two Cryo characters, you can customize one more slot. You can bring Xinqiu to trigger Electro-charged or Fischl which activates Electro Resonance which will cover your energy needs. This means that your Artifact build can be directed to damage.

Genshin Impact is now available on Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4AndroidiOSNintendo SwitchPlayStation 5. [post_ads_2]

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