Best Build for Xiao in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon

Best Build for Xiao in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon

Xiao is the third Polearm user character in the game and bears the element of Anemo or wind. He is only suitable for use as the main DPS in the team. But unlike the current Polearm users, he actually produces large burst damage.

In this article, we will discuss the best builds for Xiao in Genshin Impact.

Best Lineup for Xiao

Best Build for Xiao in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon

Just like Klee or Diluc, Xiao is the team's main DPS that must be in the game to generate damage. But unlike most DPS, Xiao will very often move vertically, aka jump high to generate damage.

That's why it is best to pair it with an enhancing character. Shields produced by characters such as Diona, Noelle, or Zhongli are examples of this enhancement. Because you need protection so you don't get interrupted when jumping, the strong Shield of a character like Zhongli also helps ensure you will deal damage consistently.

In addition, Xiao might need a character that provides burst heal like Jean, Barbara, or Qiqi. The aim was to patch up the HP he lost as a side effect when using Elemental Burst.

Xiao Best Weapon

Best Build for Xiao in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon

As we mentioned above, Xiao is a character who relies on burst damage to defeat opponents. He got this burst damage from Plunge Attack which he can do easily thanks to the Elemental Burst effect. Because it revolves around burst damage, builds for Xiao always revolve around Critical, including for the weapon.

If you can get it, the best weapon for Xiao is Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. But five star weapons are of course not easy to get. Therefore, as an alternative, you can use one of the two weapons below:

  • Blackcliff Pole: Blackcliff Pole is a weapon that you can get from the Shop using the Starglitter Exchange. This weapon provides additional Crit Damage which will increase the burst damage you produce. Besides that, the effect can also increase attack, especially if you face many enemies at once.

  • Deathmatch: If you are not the type of player who likes to save Starglitter, you can use Deathmatch which you can get from a paid Battle Pass. Deathmatch increases your Crit Rate which also allows you to produce burst damage consistently. The effect is also not bad, namely increasing Attack and Defense depending on the number of enemies around.

Xiao Best Artifact

Best Build for Xiao in Genshin Impact, Lineup, Artifact, and Weapon

DPS that relies on burst damage like Xiao has a fairly simple build direction. Xiao needs an Artifact that deals Crit Damage and Crit Rate, then Attack and Anome Damage. Then for the set that suits him, you can choose one of the following two combinations:

Gladiator's Finale (2) + Viridescent Venerer (2): When activating Elemental Burst, Xiao will always deal Anemo's damage. That's why a pair of Viridescent will come in very handy for this character. After that you can use a pair of Gladiator's Finale to increase your attack.

Gladiator's Finale (4): If you're still at the start of the game or haven't gotten the proper Artifact Viridescent Venerer, you can temporarily use up four of Gladiator's Finale. The idea behind this set remains the same, which is to increase Xiao's damage so that the Critical he produces will be even greater.

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