BTS Agency Big Hit Entertainment Officially Rebrand as HYBE


BTS Agency Big Hit Entertainment Officially Rebrand as HYBE

Bang Si Hyuk has just announced a change in the name of the company he has started since 2005.

Big Hit Entertainment, which is popular as the largest K-Pop boy group agency in the world, BTS from today changed to HYBE.

Si Hyuk announced this name change through a video presentation uploaded to Big Hit Labels' YouTube account.

The video shows the three big bosses of BTS, starting from Bang Si Hyuk as Chairman and CEO, Lenzo Yoon who holds the position of Global CEO, and Jiwon Park as Headquarters CEO.

First of all let's talk about how our organization will change with a new name, HYBE. HYBE symbolizes connection, development and relationships. I am delighted to finally be able to introduce a new company name - said Si Hyuk.

Yoon added that this change might make many people wonder about HYBE and whether Big Hit Entertainment is completely gone.

Some of you may think Big Hit will disappear, but that's not true - added Yoon.

Si Hyuk also explained that Big Hit Entertainment would become Big Hit Music.

That's right, it would be more accurate to say HYBE is a bigger organization than Big Hit. Big Hit's entertainment identity will continue to live on as Big Hit Music as the label that formed HYBE - said Si Hyuk.

The purpose of the name change, said Si Hyuk, is to strengthen the fundamental capabilities of a music label, music production company, artist management, and fan communication standards that have shaped HYBE as it is now triumphant in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Big Hit Music is part of the HYBE label by including other labels ranging from Source Music, Pledis, Japanese HYBE Labels, and others.

Each label under HYBE will have its own film studio, dance studio, and production studio.


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