BTS Didn't Fail, These Are Their 2 True Wins at the Grammy Awards


BTS Didn't Fail, These Are Their 2 True Wins at the Grammy Awards

The 63th Annual Grammy Awards world's largest music awards ceremony has ended on Sunday (14/3) United States time.

One of the nominations awaited by many people is Best Pop Duo / Group Performance. The reason is, BTS is one of the nominees.

The Grammys have announced that Arianna Grande's Rain on Me and Lady Gaga are the winners of the nomination. As a result, many BTS fans feel disappointed because their idols failed to make history.

Actually, BTS didn't fail at the show, they won long before the Grammys took place.

Their first win was of course selected as a Grammy nomination. This achievement is not easy, especially for musicians outside the United States.

On the VLive live broadcast, RM emphasized that being a Grammy nominee was a victory in itself for BTS.

"I'm not going to call this a failure, we were nominated for the first time," said RM.

BTS has brilliantly made history as the first K-Pop musician to become a Grammy nominee. [post_ads]

In addition, BTS's appearance at the Grammys was the second win because they were the only K-Pop musician who managed to get a time to perform without collaborating with American musicians.

"Let's see the positive side," he added.

"We've worked hard to give our best performance," said J-Hope.

RM also added that maybe many have predicted their defeat, but the most important thing for this boy group made by Big Hit Entertainment is to be able to appear at the Grammy event.

Jungkook also advised all ARMYs not to be too deeply disappointed and not to worry about the defeat.

"What is there to worry about, that's not important," concluded Jungkook. [post_ads_2]

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