Bully and Sexual Harassment suspect Ji Soo Appears on MBC Show


Bully and Sexual Harassment suspect Ji Soo Appears on MBC Show

Victims of bullying and sexual harassment by Ji Soo appear in front of the screen on the MBC True Story Expedition Team.

the victims share their experiences with Ji Soo's unpleasant behavior.

A person claiming to be a victim of Ji Soo's bullying reveals the actor's bad behavior at school.

He would call my cell phone and say, 'You know you have to bring money tomorrow, right?' Starting from 5,000 won to 10,000 won, and the amount gradually rises to 100,000 won. He is very violent with bullying. For quizzes or midterm exams, he told me to have a test for him - said the victim.

He would kick my butt or thigh, hit me in the head, slap my face, or punch me in the chest or stomach. He gave me a mission. For example, get up in class and sing or dance. Basically, I 'I'm a comedian. He sits on back row in class, so he used me as a shield when he slept. If my posture deviated a little, he hit me on the back of the head - said another victim.

The True Story Expedition Team also met other victims. He admits to being a victim of sexual harassment by Ji Soo.

In the story, the person claiming to be the victim said that Ji Soo had committed an unacceptable act.

During the retreat, he did sexual things to several boys, and everyone in the same class saw him. We pretended not to see if we were the next target - said the victim.

In elementary school, at first I was only a victim of light sexual harassment and verbal abuse, but it got worse as time went on. I actually saw him masturbating in class - continued another.


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