Coming Soon on July 2021, Anime Series Love Live! Superstar !!


Coming Soon on July 2021, Anime Series Love Live! Superstar !!

The newest series of the Love Live! Project, Love Live! Superstar !!, has been announced since last July 2020. This latest series of mix-media projects with the theme of idols is said to be appearing with a different and fresh concept from the previous series. No need to wait long, the anime series is finally coming!

Through the latest announcement video released on its official YouTube channel, the anime Love Live! Superstar !! will air soon this year. The plan for this anime is scheduled to be present in July 2021 on the NHK E-tele TV channel.

Watch the PV video below.

Besides the anime Love Live! Superstar !!, various interesting things from the Love Live series! also announced in the video, such as the debut single from Liella entitled Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora which will be present at the game LL: School Idol Festival and School Idol Festival ALL STARS. [post_ads]

The most interesting announcement came from the unit Aqours, where they will be releasing a new PV in live-action format. Not as characters in the anime, the Aqours unit members will appear as themselves in their newest PV which is part of the We Are Challengers Project project!

Coming Soon on July 2021, Anime Series Love Live! Superstar !!

Love Live! Superstar !! is the latest in a series of mix-media projects Love Live! Unlike the previous unit which always appeared in ninths, the Liella unit made for this series now features only five of them and all of the characters are said to be grade 1 students from SMA Putri Yuigaoka. The Liella unit itself has released its first single, entitled Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora in January. [post_ads]

In Love Live! Superstar !! It is told about the Yuigaoka Girls High School which is located between Omotesando, Harauki, and Aoyama. This Yuigaoka Girls High School is a newly established school. That's why all the students are still in grade 1. Among them is Kanon Shibuya who loves to sing. With his young age and having just entered a high school that has just opened, an uncertain but full of opportunities awaits a future, where later Kanon and his four friends will form a school idol group named Liella!

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