Developer To The Rescue! Will Donate Income to Animal Shelter


Developer To The Rescue! Will Donate Income to Animal Shelter

Animal lovers might be interested in knowing more about this animal shelter simulation game. An indie game by Little Rock Games studio titled To The Rescue! It tries to replicate how difficult it is to manage a dog shelter, but in a cheerful and fun atmosphere.

If you are interested in a glimpse of the game premise offered in this game, then know that 20% of the game's revenue is To The Rescue! will be donated to an animal shelter. The developer will provide more detail on the animal shelters that will receive assistance through their website. [post_ads]

Not only managing and caring for your dogs to be happy, you are also certainly given the freedom to design your shelter according to your taste. You will also manage social media (in-game) to increase awareness and bring in people who are interested in adopting one of the dogs you are accommodating.

To The Rescue! planned to be released this year for PC and Switch. You can check the details regarding the other features offered on this page. [post_ads_2]

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