Download MOD APK Alice Re:Code JP Latest Version


Download MOD APK Alice Re:Code JP Latest Version

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    • ##info-circle## MOD APK Details (Updated)
        • Game Name : Alice Re:Code JP
        • Game Version : v1.5.9
        • Needs OBB : No
        • Needs Root : No
        • Genre : RPG
        • Credit MOD by : Platinmods

MOD Apk Features

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    • MOD APK Features
        • Unlim. Mana
        • Skill always ready

Download Links :


How To Install

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    • For Non-Root Devices : Signed APK
        1. Remove Playstore/Original Game
        2. If you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.
        3. Download Modded APK from Gamevos site
        4. Install Mod APK on your devices
        5. Enjoy the Mod
        • Can I Login with Google+ ? No.
        • Can I Login with Facebook ? YesBut remove your facebook or facebook lite apps from device your devices.
        • Can I Login with specific game account (for example: HIVE)? Yes.
    • For Root Devices : unSigned APK
        1. Your device must be Rooted.
        2. Your device must be full patched.
        3. Install original game from playstore or use original game APK when uploaded here. If you have original game already installed, skip 3. & 4..
        4. Start original game and login once with Google+.
        5. Close game and install unSigned MOD APK over the playstore version (don't remove the original game).
        • Can I Login with Google+ ? Yes.
        • Can I Login with Facebook ? Yes.
        • Can I Login with specific game account (for example: HIVE)? Yes.
    • How to Install OBB Files
        • Non Root Devices:
        1. Install playstore version and download OBB files ingame
        2. Go to Android/OBB folder on your device and rename game OBB with additional "x" or something
        3. Remove playstore version
        4. Install mod APK
        5. Go to Android/OBB and remove the added "x" from game data
        6. Enjoy the MOD
        • For Root and Non Root Devices:
        1. Download OBB files
        2. Download mod APK
        3. Move OBB Files to Android/OBB folder in your device
        4. Install mod APK
        5. Enjoy the MOD
        • For Root Devices:
        1. Install the MOD over the Playstore-Version after you downloaded the OBBs ingame with the PS-Version.
        2. Follow this patch Guide: Tutorial

Game Details

Ah, I'm scared. Let's play again. - This country is not a mysterious fuss.

Fantasy fantasy that invades the world of Alice Re: Code

⭐ World view

DOOR, a secretive research organization that has conducted internationally banned experiments and has supported the world's science from the shadows.

An accident occurred during an attempt to form a black hole ten years ago in the organization's underground experimental facility.

Then, another unknown room named Wonderland is invited to the facility.

After the accident, DOOR was forced to take action against Wonderland and cover up its existence, but caused many people to die and disappear and become very confused.

At that time, the self-proclaimed inventor Dr. Nisnons, who was hired from outside, discovered Alice girls who were resistant to magical lands.

Suggested to send Operation Alice Number investigative unit with this, and it worked.

⭐ Introduction to Alice

Alice Jack Anonymous

A girl who burned an extraordinary sense of mission on her expressionless face.

The person in question also positions the battle as Alice's number as a nominee, and this is reflected in the fact that the code name given is her own.

Alice Jack. That's my name.

Alice on the Cross Sophie

Alice Tens girl who followed Jack.

There was the keyword sister in a memory fragment, and I searched for my sister without even understanding the meaning of the word.

What's an older sister ? I hope it's someone like Jack.

Clown Alice Nana Nana

I like to talk with a quirky ~ na ending and spoil those around me regardless of the situation.

The cat ears on his head look like ornaments, but some of the members see him moving every now and then.

Nana Nana is not a strange name! How important the name my father gave me!

⭐ Strategic battles that are fast paced and exciting

An exhilarating, fast-paced battle that takes place on a semi-automatic basis

Reverse the battle situation when releasing skills!

⭐ Multiple training systems

Various training systems packed with elements!

Let's practice a lot and have the strongest party!

⭐ ⭐ Official ⭐ ⭐

Official site:


PV video (YouTube):

⭐ ⭐ Introduction to content ⭐ ⭐

⚡ Quest ⚡

⚡ Normal mode

Its main purpose is to advance the main story.

Removing normal mode releases hard mode, which is advanced content.

⚡ Hard mode

There are a lot of enemies and equipment that only appear here.

It also serves as a condition for releasing other content.

⚡ Search for the day of the week

You can collect strengthened materials, experience points, prizes, etc. More efficient than other content.

⚡ Basement

Difficult content that was captured by all members of the dungeon that was spread deep underground.

To aim at the deepest part with limited physical strength and members, not only balance, support and recovery, but also attack

It is important to raise all members evenly.

⚡ PVP ⚡

Is the most boring thing the most boring?

⚡ PVP league system

Kill Alice and the others.

Who killed all of Alices and stood at the top?

The more you win, the higher your ranking.

You will be rewarded every time you move up in rank.

Luxury prizes can be obtained according to the residence ranking at the time of calculation.

The ratings are reset every week.

You can collect materials that can only be obtained here and exchange them for limited prizes.

⭐ ⭐ Some internal materials are now available! ⭐ ⭐

⭐ What is ALICE re: cable?

Girls and crazy love

A different space, a magic land, that suddenly invaded this world.

There wasn't a single girl who was used solely to explore the unknown space located in the underground experimental facility.

I hope that I will continue to dive repeatedly into the magical world that prevents adults from attacking, and that one day I will be freed from the hands of selfish adults ──

The girl who dreams of being someone has no way of knowing.

How crazy this person is to love them.

⭐ 12 girls

Girls who can be anything because they are nothing. Like changing shoes

You can be anyone by changing your neck, like changing hats, changing clothes.

The girls can be transformed into various figures with the strength of the main character.

Players raise girls who show different abilities for each figure, observe crazy Sekai and finally

Alice and her friends go underground.

To regain the self that was robbed.

A different space, a magic land, that suddenly invaded this world.

Used only to explore unidentified space nesting in underground medicine

There are girls who are nothing.

Known as the Alice Number.

Continuously diving repeatedly into the wonderland that prevents adults from attacking,

I hope that one day I will be freed from the hands of selfish adults ──

Girls who dream of being someone who is a nobody

I do not know.

This is crazy

How much I love them.

⭐ Scenario concepts

Use excuses

Are you protecting him?


I am crazy

Is it going to be madness for him?

Reminiscent of the popular work Alice in Wonderland from ancient times to the east and west,

A strange, perverted, and absurd world scene.

Twelve Alice that appear there.

Love for an attractive girl,

It describes the conflict and conflict between reason and the madness that surrounds it.

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