Dwayne Johnson is on a Strict Diet for Role of Black Adam


Dwayne Johnson is on a Strict Diet for Role of Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson is preparing for a role in the film Black Adam.

That role made Dwayne go on a strict diet to form a more athletic body.

This can be seen from Dwayne's video uploads on Instagram.

In the video, Dwayne shows the breakfast menu that was consumed by the bald actor.

Aloha, my friends, it's my Saturday breakfast when we start. One month away from shooting # blackadam, so the diet is very strict and all the food is weighed & measured so that my condition can fit right,- Dwayne wrote on Instagram.

Whole egg & egg white, beef tenderloin, oatmeal & blueberry, Ezekiel English muffin (GF) with smart butter, add stevia & cinnamon for a little sweetness. Vegetable powder & fibrous drinks, and energy drinks - continues Dwayne explaining what just the diet menu. [post_ads]

Dwayne admits that he has been preparing for this strict diet since 2020.

The star, also known as The Rock, feels that he is ready for such a strict diet for the sake of his latest film.

This preparation has been a long time (since 2020) but all the pieces come together and as always, I remain flexible to any changes and pivots that need to occur throughout the process, scripting, production, strength & rebuild, diet, etc. Enjoy the end. weekend with your family and remember, diet is key - wrote Dwayne.

The Black Adam film which is a spinoff of Shazam! this is scheduled to be released in December 2021. [post_ads_2]

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