EA Ensures Decisive Action for Parties Involved in the EA Gate Scandal


EA Ensures Decisive Action for Parties Involved in the EA Gate Scandal

EA Gate scandal has been drawing quite a bit of attention lately. The scandal began trending on Twitter when an allegation emerged that an EA employee was selling FIFA 21 cards for thousands of dollars. Apart from launching its own investigation, the company announced that it would take action against those who had purchased FUT cards through the scandal.

In a post on their website, EA made it clear that if it would not tolerate players acquiring rare FIFA 21 cards through EA Gate, they also said that accounts proven to do so would be permanently banned. EA asserts that this prohibited practice is against the integrity of the game and violates the license agreement. [post_ads]

“Let's be clear about what's going to happen now. When our investigation is complete, we will take action against employees who are found to be involved in this activity. Any items provided through this prohibited activity will be removed from the FUT ecosystem and EA will permanently block any player who is found to have obtained content through this method, ”stated EA in an announcement on its website.

This announcement is part of an investigation to find out which EA employee was responsible for the controversy. So far, it appears that only a handful of people may be involved, but EA says it will take action against whoever is behind it.

Items sold by EA individuals are part of the FIFA Ultimate Team, rare items that include Icon cards or Team of the Year cards. Usually, these items can only be obtained via loot drop. And through EA Gate's illegal means, unscrupulous players can trick the loot system. On the black market these services are estimated to be in the thousands of dollars. [post_ads_2]


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