Find Out More About Ryan Choi as a Justice League Candidate!

Find Out More About Ryan Choi as a Justice League Candidate!

The film Zack Snyder released a few days ago, introduced a character named Ryan Choi, played by Zheng Kai. Kai himself has recorded all the scenes since 2016, but the character he plays has never appeared in Joss Whedon's version of Justice League. Luckily, Kai was able to return to appear in the Justice League film Snyder Cut. So, in the following section, we will discuss who the honest Ryan Choi is. Who is he?

Ryan Choi origins

Find Out More About Ryan Choi as a Justice League Candidate!

Gail Simone first created the character Ryan Choi in 2006. Ryan Choi is a superhero named The Atom. When Ryan was first introduced to the comics, he was a student of Ray Palmer. Maybe you know Ray Palmer as Atom better than Ryan Choi. The two of them have often worked together, even since Ryan was still living in Hong Kong until Ryan decided to move to Ivy Town in the United States. Ray is a mentor to Ryan and the figure who brought Ryan to become a superhero when he found a belt that allows him to change his size to be very small or large and took the name Atom.

However, Ryan ended up being killed by Deathstroke on Brightest Day. But in The New 52, ​​Ryan's soul or consciousness is still alive, and Ryan is brought back to life in Rebirth DC. However, he is revived as a teenage superhero. With the Atom suit and his special belt, Ryan can shrink or enlarge his body just like Ray. Ryan is a member of the Teen Titans and Justice League.

Ryan Choi in Justice League Snyder Cut

Find Out More About Ryan Choi as a Justice League Candidate!

If Ryan is a teenage hero who is very loved in the comics, it is different from Ryan who appears in the Justice League film Snyder Cut. The film instead features Ryan Choi as a doctor who works with Silas Stone, Cyborg's father. Even though Ryan Choi's role was only as an assistant, Ryan Choi introduced the electron laser, which Silas later used to make Mother Box very hot. As much as Silas made sacrifices to help the Justice League, Ryan was then appointed as the new STAR Labs director. But in his final scene in the Justice League film Snyder Cut, it looks like Ryan Choi was prepared for something bigger. When Ryan became the new boss at STAR Labs, Ryan Choi was named Nanotechnology. Maybe that's where he will create an Atom costume that allows him to grow and shrink.

Ryan Choi's future

Find Out More About Ryan Choi as a Justice League Candidate!

Zack Snyder recently confirmed that Ryan will have a more significant role after his appearance in Justice League (when Zack Snyder was still working on it). Snyder even submitted the idea to Warner Bros. to make a film Atom with actor Kai who always plays the character. However, now that the DCEU future has changed, there is little hope that Kai will return to play Ryan Choi. But if Snyderverse is to continue, surely Kai will return to play Choi. Kai's appearance in the DC film will undoubtedly add to the diversity because only a few superheroes come from Asia.

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