GTA 5 Modder Makes Mile High Club Buildings Explored


GTA 5 Modder Makes Mile High Club Buildings Explored

When Rockstar started to signal the arrival of the new DLC on GTA Online last July, there were many rumors that this new DLC would be related to a semi-finished building located in downtown Los Santos. However, when the Cayo Perico DLC was released in mid-December yesterday, the rumors of the completion of the half-finished building immediately deviated from estimates.

Because after the release of the DLC, some of them (fans) were disappointed that the building was not there. Remembering from the start of its release until now, Rockstar seems to have abandoned the building.

With the Mile High Club building never ending, a team of modders named the Ambitioneers Team have made the building a reality. They also show the mod progress of the Mile High Club building through their YouTube account. [post_ads]

Quoted from PCGamesN, not only can it be used in GTA V story mode, the leader of the mod project named Kalit gave the news that their team is now testing the mod so that it can be used on the RP (Roleplay) server later.

Unfortunately they did not provide an official date when the mod will be released. But if you are curious about the progress of the Mile High Club building mod, you can follow the mod development through their discord server, or participate through Patreon so you can get access. [post_ads_2]


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