Horimiya Anime Accused of Inflating Homophobia


Horimiya Anime Accused of Inflating Homophobia

It's no secret that communities in the West often create controversy over even the smallest things, and now it's the turn for the Horimiya anime adaptation.

This was triggered by the tenth episode when Hori commented to Miyamura after seeing her closeness with her friends. Hori's misunderstanding led him to say something against Miyamura from having same-sex relationships and this is considered by some western fans to be homophobic (hatred, discomfort, or irrational fear of homosexuals).

The western fan community on Twitter was quick to call the comment "homophobic," and this opinion stems from the opinion of a tweet: "The scene is animated, I really thought they would miss it ..." [post_ads]

Hundreds of responses began to emerge from the post, for example supporting the view that the comment was homophobic:

“I was going to watch this series, but now I know that girl is trash. It's homophobia, no matter how you look at it. I don't understand the comments defending her, and I ended up hoping she broke up with a guy at that time. "

“I don't know how to react… Hori is a fictional character, so hating him practically, hating something that doesn't exist… But it must be a homophobic and disappointing comment… anyway, hopefully we can ignore this and continue watching the series.”

"Time to drop." [post_ads]

"Now, more reasons not to see it."

"I feel uncomfortable with those comments because I don't think they will push it."

"I'm not annoyed with Hori, I'm annoyed with writers and animators."

"Ever since I saw this scene in the manga, I left the franchise completely."

Fortunately, opinions are conflicting, especially in the cited publications:

"You really have to have an extreme level of sensitivity in order to be offended by Horimiya and even try to cancel out a fictional character."

'I'm surprised people call this' homophobia'. I guess all of those people never had a group of friends to joke about it. "

“I just did a two-second research and found that she said it because she was more likely to fall in love with boys because she only had male friends. Context is important, but obsessive idiots don't know the word. " [post_ads]

“Please never leave school or learn about recognizing contexts, and giving you a little common sense, making them so needed. The worst thing is that the person from the publication confirmed that he has read the manga, and is still publishing it. People are getting more and more stupid. "

"I would correct the post: 'I thought they would skip this part because Westerners couldn't understand the context of a scene and immediately came to the worst conclusions just to get an excuse to stir up controversy."

"It seems that these people never feel jealous or insecure."

Horimiya Anime Accused of Inflating Homophobia

Horimiya anime, which began airing in Japan on January 9, was confirmed to have a total of 13 episodes. The distribution rights remain with the Funimation platform. The manga has been published in Square Enix's Monthly G Fantasy magazine since October 2011. It was recently reported that the manga would end on March 18th. [post_ads_2]


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