How Much Destruction Will Happen If Rocks Fight Yonko?


How Much Destruction Will Happen If Rocks Fight Yonko?

Based on what was revealed by the navy, Rocks D. Xebec is a very extraordinary pirate. He is a very strong pirate and also known to be very cruel. Proof of Rocks' strength is that it takes two great people, Garp and Roger, to defeat him. Rocks may indeed be a terrible monster figure, a terrible pirate.

But, perhaps, what made him even more dangerous was the knowledge he had about something. One example is that he knows with the secrets of this world, something that many people consider taboo. Reportedly Rocks has a variety of information that is strictly prohibited by the World Government.

And the thing in question is most likely a Poneglyph. Rocks may already know what some of the Poneglyphs mean, a little lack of making him know what the great secret of the world has been hiding. Because of the Poneglyph, he probably knew the "gods" or "kings" who were on earth, namely the celestial dragons. Because of the Poneglyphs he probably knew the "gods" or "kings" who were on earth, namely the heavenly dragons. He plans to destroy the celestial dragon clan - specifically, Im Sama - and then shift his position. Being a Rocks pirate crew, could be the main reason Kaido and Big Mom know about the Road Poneglyph and its importance. [post_ads]

Talking about Rocks, of course, cannot be separated from a historic event that occurred 38 years ago, namely the God Valley incident. According to Sengoku's narrative, Rocks deliberately came to the island to destroy the celestial dragons who had gathered or were on the island. And after the incident, God Valley was later erased from history. However, there was a possibility that God Valley had indeed been hidden for a long time even before the historical incident occurred.

God Valley Island was then destroyed after the incident. Why do they do that? In addition to covering the Rocks' trail, it's likely that the island will have the last dragon egg. So, it made sense that the celestial dragons would gather on the island and try to own it, because they themselves had a connection with dragons.

They call themselves dragons, their symbol also has to do with dragons, and these celestial dragons then ordered Vegapunk to then make devil fruit related to dragons. This could then explain the large egg that was on Roger's ship. Possible Roger took the dragon egg, after they managed to beat the Rocks. [post_ads]

The Impact of the Rocks Pirates on the Yonko

How Much Destruction Will Happen If Rocks Fight Yonko?

To Whitebeard, he didn't inherit anything from the Rocks' vices. Whitebeard was not a pirate as wild and cruel as the Rocks. But, when Whitebeard did something terrible and also evil he did everything to make a living for the inhabitants of his hometown, the island of the Sphinx. Whitebeard learned a lot from the Rocks about how to be a "good" pirate.

For Big Mom, the Rocks pirates are the father of their children. As we know, Charlotte Linlin has many children from many husbands. However, for Perospero, Katakuro, Oven, and Daifuku, it's likely that they were born on the Rocks pirate ship. For Kaido, Rocks is everything. He became a valuable teacher for the figure of the world's most powerful being. When he joined the Rocks, Kaido was still an inexperienced pirate. [post_ads]

We know that Kaido doesn't mind taking on his own crew or his own comrades to get whatever he wants. He stated to the Flying Six that they would be able to fight the commanders, if they managed to find Yamato. This could be a reflection of what happened when Kaido was still joining the Rocks pirates.

There is no doubt that Blackbeard has something in common with Rocks. Starting from the character, the ship, even the island where they gather is the same. Blackbeard is reportedly interested in various histories. Perhaps, in one of his research studies, he managed to find out the story or tale about Rocks D. Xebec. Just as Luffy is the heir to the spirit of Roger, Blackbeard is the heir to the spirit of his rival, Rocks.

As for Shanks, although many people think Shanks is the son of Rocks, on the other hand it could be that he is not the son of Rocks. Shanks might be the successor of Will of D. But if that's the case, why did Roger not entrust the future pirate king to Shanks and instead want a new generation to inherit his title? Whether or not Shanks is the son of Rocks remains to be proven. To be sure, many of the fans are waiting for Shanks' identity or past. [post_ads_2]

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