How to Clear a Bounty Quest in Genshin Impact

How to Clear a Bounty Quest in Genshin Impact

One of the new features introduced in patch 1.1 Genshin Impact is City Reputation. You can complete various tasks and earn reputation points to exchange them for rewards. One way to increase this reputation is by completing Bounty Quests every week.

Bounty Quest is a mission where you have to find and defeat monsters in Mondstadt or Liyue (depending on where you take the mission). But looking for this monster is not as easy as finding its location. Before the monsters that are targeted appear, you have to look for three clues first.

How to Clear a Bounty Quest in Genshin Impact

Here is the process of completing the Bounty Quest.

  • After taking the Quest, Teleport and visit the Bounty Quest area.
  • When you reach the Quest area, a timer will appear. Your task is to find three hidden objects.
  • To find this object, activate Elemental Sight. You will find a blue energy line. Follow the direction of the line.
  • You will find the clue you are looking for. Sometimes these clues are embedded in plants, lying on the ground, or embedded in monsters (which means you have to beat them).
  • After claiming the first clue, repeat steps three and four until the target monster appears.
  • Defeat the target monster, then return to the NPC where you took this quest. [post_ads]

There are several things you need to remember when taking this Bounty Quest. First, when you enter the Quest area, you will have a timer for 10 minutes to find clues and defeat the target. Make sure you can find clues as quickly as possible and be ready to face the target, especially if you choose the Bounty Quest with the highest target level.

Second, the monsters that are targeted have their own strengths and weaknesses. Read carefully the specifications, and if you have, use a character that targets the target's weakness. If not, at least avoid using characters who are less effective against these targets.

Finally, the Bounty Quest can only be taken three times a week. These three quests also apply throughout the game. This means that if you have completed three Bounty Quests at Mondstadt this week, you cannot take the Bounty Quest in Liyue because you have reached the week limit. You have to wait for next week so you can take the next Bounty Quest.

Honestly, after trying once or twice, finding the target monsters of Bounty Quest wasn't difficult. But the real challenges only arise when you take the Quest with the highest difficulty level. Good luck!

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