How to Unlock the First Secret Ending in Little Nightmares 2


How to Unlock the First Secret Ending in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is a game that gamers must try. We ourselves categorize this game as a game that is very worth trying. The reason is, there are a number of improvements provided by Tarsier Studios for this game which makes it newer and superior to the first Little Nightmares.

The thing that felt the most improvement was the level of eeriness that was far from that of the first Little Nightmares. Even without dialogue and on the scale of his small world, Tarsier is able to carry the horror well. Besides that, what they tried to convey in this game was presented well.

Interestingly, there are many interesting things in this game that gamers can look for. It's no secret that one of them is about a secret ending. The narrative is flexible and independent, so there are many theories that you can find out about.

Regarding the ending, if gamers think Little Nightmares 2 has one ending, you are wrong. There are several endings that you can achieve in the game. This time Gamevos will discuss how to open the first secret ending.

There are a few things you have to do to unlock the first secret ending. It is not difficult to do this, it only takes careful exploration and effort. What should we do in order to open the first secret ending?

How to Open the First Secret Ending

How to Unlock the First Secret Ending in Little Nightmares 2

In order to open the first secret ending in the game, you must collect or find 18 Glitch Children scattered throughout the game. Glitch Children is one of the secret collections that you can find in Little Nightmares 2.

At first, I complained about Glitch Children. The reason is, Tarsier did not explain anything and after getting it we seem to get nothing in return. But believe me, the real rewards await when all 18 Glitch Children are found.

Glitch Children is also a collection that is hard to find. Tarsier really hides it cleverly in this game to trick us. The reason is, sometimes Glitch Children are placed in an alley that is not visible to the camera.

The only way is to go through every area you come to. Exploration is the key here. If it is over, gamers can choose chapter by chapter so they can repeat the stage where the Glitch Children are located.

If you pass it, come back that way. Also, focus on the initial four levels because Glitch Children are only spread across the initial four levels played. This means, at the end of the game, there are no more Glitch Children that you can find.

After collecting them, the secret ending will open at the end of the game. Good luck and exploring about Glitch Children!

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