Hyeri Reveals BlackPink Rose Shocking Secret Personality


Hyeri Reveals Blackink Rose Shocking Secret Personality

Hyeri, a member of the girl group Girl's Day who is now more popular as an actress, revealed BLACKPINK Rose real character as a friend.

Hyeri and Rose appeared on Knowing Brother as special guests.

Both of them did not hesitate to tell about the friendship that has existed for years.

Hyeri revealed that Rose had been working hard to find her personal address for sending gifts.

There's no way this woman (Rose) has my manager's phone number. However, she managed to send me a gift, - explained Hyeri.

She continues a touching story on hers birthday and receives a surprise from Rose.

When I had my birthday, after receiving a short message from Rose saying happy birthday. Then, I heard someone ring the doorbell. I was very surprised because no one knew my address. I opened the door, there was a wreath ! - she explained.

Hyeri, who lives with her parents, admits she is surprised how Rose knows her personal home address. The reason is, no one knows.

I live with my parents, and Rosé has never visited our house before. So I was wondering how she got my address, - she added.

Rose also explained how she got Hyeri's home address.

I remember seeing Hyeri's younger sister's Instagram account. I remember that account. I also sent a personal message from my official Instagram account, I explained that I was a close friend of hers sister, - explained Rose.

Hyeri who listened to Rose's story could only smile. She called Rose a person who is romantic and full of surprises.

So many unforgettable moments from their friendship, from sending each other food trucks and other sweet gifts.

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