Japanese Manga Industry Reaches $15.59 billion in 2020, Breaking Records Since 1978


Japanese Manga Industry Reaches $ 15.59 billion in 2020, Breaking Records Since 1978

The Covid-19 pandemic that has erupted since 2020 has not prevented the Japanese manga or comic industry from continuing to show off.

Manga is selling very well worldwide in 2020.

A new report shows the growth of the manga industry last year has broken record-high profits since 1978.

This report comes from AJPEA, an organization that tracks the progress of sales of manga from Japan.

It turns out that the combined market size for both print and digital Japanese comics rose by more than 20 percent.

Looking at this from year to year, the market size for Japanese comics has increased by 23 percent pushing the total to 612.5 billion yen (about US $ 5.77 billion). [post_ads]

This record marks the first time the market size has surpassed 600 billion yen.

Comics and digital magazines accounted for more than half of the industry's total profits in 2020, with comics second in front of print magazine sales.

Obviously, the virtual age has helped profit in the area and it's made the market break big records.

The previous largest recorded profit was 586 billion yen in 1995.

With digital comics becoming more common in Japan and other countries, buying manga online has become easier than ever. [post_ads_2]


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