Jessica Jung Never Dreamed of Debuting as an Idol and Singer


Jessica Jung Never Dreamed of Debuting as an Idol and Singer

Jessica Jung's name soared when she joined the girl group SNSD (Girls' Generation) under SM Entertainment.

In the group that raised hers name for 7 years, this older sister of f (x) 's Krystal got the position of the lead singer.

It's just that, Jessica made a surprising confession recently. She admitted that she had never dreamed of debuting as a singer.

This fact was exposed when Jessica worked with British Vogue, to interview some of the musicians she currently likes. Then, she talked about the beginning of hers life story as an idol and a singer.

Jessica also explained that during her time as a trainee, she only sang R&B genre songs.

"I became a trainee at 11 years old and debuted at 18. My dream is not to become a singer. During training, I also only sang R&B songs," said Jessica in an interview with British Vogue.

At that time, Jessica had several people who became her inspiration for singing, such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

"Musicians like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston ... I felt I wanted to sing that song. They really inspired me to become a singer," she added.

However, Jessica Jung's career as a singer ran aground after she chose to leave SNSD and is now successful in the fashion world.


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