Junji Ito Kesssaku-shuu Horror Manga Will Get New Anime Project


Junji Ito Kesssaku-shuu Horror Manga Will Get New Anime Project

Title for the new volume of the manga Genkai Chitai (Disturbing Zone), written and illustrated by Junji Ito, reveals that the Junji Ito Kesssaku-shuu manga franchise (Junji Itou: Masterworks Collection) will have a new anime project. The announcement did not reveal any further details, including the production format (series, film, OVA), so information regarding trailers, release dates, OP / ED songs and more will follow at a later time.

Synopsis of Junji Ito Kesssaku-shuu:

During the day and in the dark of night, mysterious horror awaits in the darkest shadows on every corner. They are inexplicable, inescapable and invincible. Get ready, or you might be the next victim. Feeling terrified when a traumatic horror story unfolds like no other. Fairy tales, like cursed jade carvings that pierce holes all over the bodies of their victims; deep nightmares that lasted for decades; an attractive spirit at a misty crossroads that gives damn advice; and a snail growing inside a girl's mouth. Be careful, because terrible supernatural stories are not for the faint of heart.

Manga franchise and some of the author's most popular horror films, were distributed in a total of eleven volumes originally published between 2011 and 2013. Previously, the franchise had an anime adaptation called Junji Ito: Collection. A twelve-episode series produced by Studio Deen, under the direction of Shinobu Tagashira, and premiered in January 2018.


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