Kawaki Dangerous Plan To Get Rid of Boruto Karma

Kawaki Dangerous Plan To Get Rid of Boruto Karma

The manga series Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is now finished with the Isshiki Otsutsuki arc, making many fans tense and sad. The fans themselves are now preparing for something to come next. The fight against Isshiki itself caused Naruto and Sasuke to lose their source of strength, namely Kurama and the Rinnegan, which made Konoha very open to attacked.

After making it home from a tiring battle, Kawaki and Boruto finally met again and talked. The two of them realized that the threats still wouldn't stop coming after Isshiki's death. Both of them even felt the need to increase their strength to protect Konoha from other Otsutsuki attacks or other attacks.

Boruto himself realized that Konoha was now vulnerable to attack after his father had lost his greatest strength, which made him unable to protect Konoha to its full potential. However, what becomes a big problem for Boruto then is that he still has the Karma mark on his body - which is Momoshiki's Karma seal.

Kawaki Dangerous Plan To Get Rid of Boruto Karma

Knowing this, Kawaki himself came up with an extensive and dangerous plan. As told in chapter 56 yesterday, Boruto's Karma seal is very dangerous if he then goes out of control - as happened to Sasuke. Based on this, finally, Team 7 was temporarily rested. That was the decision Shikamaru made.

Talking about the Karma seal, Kawaki himself has a plan to help Boruto escape his Karma seal. According to Kawaki, Boruto might be able to break Karma's seal by making his own vessel. Kawaki and Boruto theorize that the presence of a Karma seal within them enables them to do what Otsutsuki are used to, including creating a Karma mark on their own "vessel."

That way, they can then grow into new bodies. Simply put, all of it is a body swap: Momoshiki will take Boruto's body, and Boruto himself will lose consciousness. Still, Boruto himself will be able to appear in another body just like the other Otsutsuki. How do they find a suitable person to become a vessel for the Karma seal?

Kawaki Dangerous Plan To Get Rid of Boruto Karma

Kawaki has the answer to this. This figure is Code, the last Inner Kara, and also Isshiki's backup plan. She is Isshiki's imperfect vessel, in contrast to Kawaki. Based on Kawaki's narrative, he and Code both used to undergo Karma rituals by Isshiki. Of the children, only he and Code survived.

Despite surviving, Code could not be the perfect container for Isshiki Otsutsuki's seal. Only Kawaki was later elected. However, even though Code was not a perfect vessel, the ritual made Code's power increase sharply. In fact, it is said that Code is a very powerful and terrifying cyborg. According to Kawaki, he is an opponent that Boruto doesn't want to face.

It is not yet known whether the plan or strategy will work, because as Amado explains, there are still many things that are not known about Karma. However, Kawaki's method certainly couldn't be underestimated. It is not impossible that this could happen. The question then is how Boruto and Kawaki will do it.

Another question is whether Code will volunteer to do so? Or will Code refuse because it doesn't want to be another Otsutsuki forum? Code itself has a big mission at this time, such as capturing Boruto and Kawaki. So that maybe he refused the offer. Let's just look forward to what will happen to this plan and how the two will put the plan into action. 

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