Korean Drama Dear. M Reshoots the Impact of Park Hye Soo Bullying Issues

Korean Drama Dear. M Reshoots the Impact of Park Hye Soo Bullying Issues

Issue of bullying that dragged Park Hye Soo's name heated up. KBS TV channel that will broadcast Korean drama Dear. M, starring Park Hye Soo, began to take steps.

On Wednesday (17/3) local time, KBS representatives spoke about the status of Dear. M's still hanging.

They mentioned the possibility of re-shooting the drama after a petition asking for Park Hye Soo to be kicked out of the drama was supported by more than 4,200 people.

"Since there is currently a dispute about the truth about the related matter and the police investigation is ongoing, KBS has implemented a drama delay and decided to wait until the drama turns into an objective situation drama. According to the results, the measures will be applied to all matters, including the composition. and re-shoot Dear. M, "said the KBS representative quoted from Kstarlive.

However, a KBS official still hopes that this drama can be broadcast and not canceled. The reason is, this drama has completed all of its pre-production.

"The actors who appeared on Dear M have a great sense of loss. Because this is a 100 percent pre-production drama, many of them have been waiting for the first broadcast. They just want the drama not to be completely canceled," said one KBS official.

Drama Dear. M was previously planned to air on February 26, 2021. However, a few days before the broadcast, the bullying case that dragged Park Hye Soo emerged.

The production party chose to postpone the broadcast and investigate the bullying case to determine the fate of the drama.


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