Leaked Roles of Song Kang and Han So Hee in the Korean Drama 'I Know But'


Leaked Roles of Song Kang and Han So Hee in the Korean Drama 'I Know But'

Song Kang and Han So Hee are confirmed to compete acting in the latest Korean drama titled I Know But by JTBC.

The Korean drama I Know But is adapted from a webtoon which tells two people with different views about love.

Song Kang will be playing the role of Park Jae U, a man who finds dating to be troublesome, but he has a passion for flirting with women.

Han So Hee will be playing Yoo Na Bi, a woman who really wants to date men but unfortunately doesn't believe in love.

"I'm happy and looking forward to working on I Know But. I will work hard to show a completely different side of myself through the character Park Jae Uhn," said Song Kang in an interview. [post_ads]

Han So Hee also admitted that she was very impatient to play the character Yoo Na Bi. The actor in the drama The world of the Married is sure that hers latest work will reap good results.

"I'm happy to be able to play a character in a webtoon that I've been enjoying for some time. I'm really nervous and feeling pressure. However, I'm also looking forward to making this drama because I'm working with great people. I hope, please show lots of love for this project, "said Han So Hee.

It is not yet known when the drama I Know But will air soon. JTBC is currently still busy working on the latest drama played by Han So Hee, Undercover. [post_ads]


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