Not Sanji, Chopper Who Will Fight Queen?


Not Sanji, Chopper Who Will Fight Queen?

Tony Tony Chopper is one of the Straw Hat crew who can be said to be very underrated or not very popular. Chopper's popularity only relies on his cute shape and silly behavior. We rarely see Chopper getting involved in a big fight, so it seems natural that not many people pay much attention to Chopper.

Even so, according to his role as a ship doctor, Chopper's sacrifice for the Straw Hat crew is sick cannot be underestimated. Chopper is willing to do anything for his colleagues - and also others - to recover from their illness. Chopper also has the biggest dream of his life, which is to be able to cure all diseases on earth.

In the last few chapters, we saw how Chopper attempted to create an antidote for the poison of the Ice Demon, which Queen created. The fans themselves are made to wonder whether Chopper is able to make it, as shown in One Piece chapter 1006. However, in One Piece chapter 1007 yesterday we saw how Chopper was finally able to heal all who were exposed to Ice Demon poison. [post_ads]

What's interesting is Chopper, using the Rumble Ball and changing into his Zoan form, managed to beat Queen and make him unconscious. This is interesting because a character who is considered underrated is able to make one of the All-Stars bleed. This is proof that the current Chopper is different from the Chopper before the time-skip.

So far, the figure who is widely predicted to be Queen's opponent is Sanji or Zoro. This is because both of them are one of the four monsters in the Straw Hats group. However, what if then the one facing Queen is not one of the trio of monsters, but Chopper with this new power?

As mentioned earlier, the current Chopper is different from the old one. Chopper seems to be able to control his Zoan form now. It's different from what happened in the Enies Lobby arc, where Chopper couldn't control his Zoan form. Someone needed to push Chopper down into the sea and return to his original form, to be able to stop the madness. [post_ads]

Not Sanji, Chopper Who Will Fight Queen?

In terms of his own strength, Chopper also seems to have increased. It was proven that he could beat Queen without being able to endure it. Apart from that, what Chopper also felt was his knowledge of the medical world. This was even acknowledged by Queen, who was angry and surprised why Chopper could know everything about the complex world of medicine.

Geeks might ask if Chopper will be able to finish off Queen alone? Most likely Chopper will get help from another party. Drake is the figure who will most likely be part of Queen's end - although there is also speculation that Chopper will end it all. Apart from Drake, Apoo could also take part in this big alliance. [post_ads]

And the last figure who might help Chopper is the Pleasures and Waiters. Both groups are shown being humiliated and humiliated by Queen. To Queen, they are just "useless trash." This was shown in One Piece chapter 1007 yesterday, and in that chapter we also saw how the "resistance" of the two groups against their boss.

Queen is known to shoot the Ice Demon poison without looking at it. It doesn't matter friend or foe. They were insulted and considered useless, and only Chopper was willing to help them. This then became their motivation to help Chopper. They are grateful for being able to cure the poison. And in return, they will fight on Chopper's side. Let's just look forward to it geeks whether Chopper will eventually fight Queen. [post_ads_2]

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