Pokemon Company Introduces a New Open World-based Game, Pokemon Legends Arceus


Pokemon Company Introduces a New Open World-based Game, Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Company introduces a remake for Pokemon Diamond / Pearl. But those weren't the only new games to be announced. They also introduced a game with a new title and gameplay, namely Pokemon Legends Arceus.

One thing that immediately stands out in Pokemon Legends Arceus is that where you play is an open world. You can move at will across the vast wilderness that looks much more beautiful than the Pokemon Sword And Shield. But one thing that makes this game look special is the way you interact with the open world.

Usually, you can only catch Pokemon when you go into combat. But in this new game, you can immediately throw a Pokeball to catch wild Pokemon. Pokemon-style menu-based combat remains the main system when fighting. But it is not yet known whether the system will still use turn-based like Pokemon games in general.

But apart from completely new worlds and gameplay, the Pokemon that fill this new game are Pokemon that already existed before. The three starter Pokemon you choose consist of three starters from different generations, namely Rowlet (Gen-7), Cyndaquill (Gen-2), and Oshawott (Gen-5). The wild Pokemon that you will catch and face are also quite diverse.

Unfortunately, apart from the appearance of the world, the Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer doesn't show any other important things such as characters and stories. This game itself will only be released in 2022. Let's look forward to what this game will look like. [post_ads]


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