Pokemon Diamond / Pearl is Finally Getting a Remake on Nintendo Switch


Pokemon Diamond / Pearl is Finally Getting a Remake on Nintendo Switch

This remake game will take you back to the Shinnoh Region and meet the characters and Pokemon that are present in this fourth generation game. But besides the world, Pokemon, and its characters, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pear will also return to bring a top-down perspective like the original game complete with tall grass and cliffs that you can jump over. The difference is, this new game no longer has 32-bit graphics but a slightly more realistic three-dimensional graphic.

Pokemon Diamond / Pearl is a Pokemon game that was released in 2007. This game has received quite a lot of positive reviews due to its new graphics and interesting world and characters. The Pokemon that are presented are also interesting and have a big impact on both commercial and competitive levels such as Lucario, Togekiss, Infernape, and of course Garchomp.[post_ads]

In terms of gameplay, this game provides a quite difficult combat challenge for players, especially when facing the champion Cynthia. Given that Cynthia herself has appeared frequently in other Pokemon games outside of Diamond / Pearl, it's no surprise to see a game that has never gotten a remake yet on the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl will be released simultaneously worldwide at the end of 2021. [post-ads_2]

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