Praised For Having a Very Fragrant Body, Lee Seo Jin Smiles Shyly


Praised For Having a Very Fragrant Body, Lee Seo Jin Smiles Shyly

The reality show series Youn's Stay has entered episode 9 on tvN television station.

In this latest episode, all players Youn's Stay, Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yoo Mi, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Shik had 13 foreign guests to stay one night at a beautiful traditional hanok inn.

The three guests who were a group of neurology doctoral students introduced themselves as Laura from Germany, Afarin, and Sacharol from the United States.

Yoon Yeo Jung who got the position of innkeeper received the three guests warmly. After getting the room key, Woo Shik escorted them to the hanok inn.

When dinner arrived, guests were served a range of delicious Korean specialties cooked directly by Park Seo Joon and Jung Yoo Mi.

Lee Seo Jin and Choi Woo Shik are in charge of delivering food to the guests.

Then, when Seo Jin was serving drinks to the three doctoral students, Sacharol said that this 50-year-old actor smelled very good.

Mr. Seo Jin, the cologne you are wearing is very fragrant. It smells really good - Sacharol said loudly.

Seo Jin, who was praised, looked flustered, showing his deep dimples even more.

Really? Thank you - said Seo Jin. [post_ads]

Seo Jin tries to continue the conversation by saying that the fragrance might not come from him.

Maybe it's not me who smells good, really ? - he added.

However, the students were very sure that the fragrance they felt really came from the actor.

I'm sure it came from you - replied Sacharol.

Laura also agreed with Sacharol that Seo Jin was the one who made the room smell good.

I really believe you smell good, - said Laura.

Yeah right, unless there really are ghosts here,- concluded Sacharol.

Seo Jin, who was busy serving hot tea to them, could only smile shyly and still look happy when he left the dining room and headed back to the reception room.

Youn's Stay series is a spin off television show Youn's Kitchen created by Na Young Seok. The players this time are managing hanok (traditional Korean houses) for foreign workers or students who have been living in Korea for less than a year so they cannot enjoy the culture of the Ginseng Country due to the pandemic. [post_ads_2]


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