Revealing Ideal Type Boyfriend, Jessi Admits That She Has a Crush on Men Like Jungkook BTS


Revealing Ideal Type Boyfriend, Jessi Admits That She Has a Crush on Men Like Jungkook BTS

South Korean female rapper, Jessica Ho or known as Jessi, shyly admits that she really likes BTS Jungkook.

Revealed in the 42nd episode of Showterview With Jessi. There, Jo Jung Shik and Jessi read some questions from fans.

One of the questions is about Jessi's type of guy and who is the celebrity she has crush on.

Who is your ideal type of guy? Can you say which celebrity you have a crush on? - said Jo Jung Shik reading the fans' questions.

Then, Jessi answered that there was a man who was very cool and manly and that person was one of the BTS members. It's just that Jessi doesn't want to reveal her name for fear of being invaded by fans.

There is a man who I think so. One of the BTS members. But I can not mention that, no no no. Fans will be angry with me. This guy lately, so like more manly - said Jessi shyly.

Suddenly, Jo Jung Shik guessed that the man who fits Jessi's criteria in BTS is Jungkook. Of course, this answer took the sexy rapper by surprise.

How do you know? Jessi asked

Still in shock and fear of being attacked by BTS fans, ARMY, Jessi explained the reason she likes Jungkook.

According to her, the man who was born in 1997 looks very manly and is increasingly becoming a manly man.

Please listen to me. He became a manly man. In the past with BTS, I used to be a model with BTS. In the past, they were just like younger friends. But then, they became men. Their faces are like male men, ah I can't - said Jessi with a smile.

Jungkook is like ... He's a superstar. You have to think realistically - said Jessi.

But behind the scenes, it turned out that Jessi asked the Showterview With Jessi production team to invite Jungkook to be a guest star at the event.

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