Review Bravely Default 2, Classic JRPG with Attractive System


Review Bravely Default 2, Classic JRPG with Attractive System

After Octopath Traveler, SquareEnix released a game with the classic JRPG formula. This time, the game they released is a sequel to a franchise that is well known among JRPG fans, namely Bravely Default 2.

This sequel still carries many of the classic JRPG formulas that we know, from turn-based combat to grinding. But on the other hand this game also brings some interesting mechanics and features that make it not boring.

Four Nomads Save the World

Review Bravely Default 2, Classic JRPG with Attractive System

Broadly speaking, Bravely Default 2 tells the story of four people who go on an adventure to find four magic crystals to save the world. Although they have the same reason for adventure, the four of them have different motivations.

Seth is a sailor who is saved by a royal princess named Gloria who wants to find the four crystals. On the way they then met a scholar named Elvis and his bodyguard Adelle. Elvis wants to collect artifacts to unravel the mystery behind his teacher's legacy, while Adelle, apart from being recruited by Elvis, wants to find her missing brother. [post_ads]

Review Bravely Default 2, Classic JRPG with Attractive System

Bravely Default 2 Plot Story

Review Bravely Default 2, Classic JRPG with Attractive System

The premise of the story and plot of Bravely Default 2 is actually quite general and you see it often. But that doesn't mean the story is bad. Besides that, even though it's not too special, the four characters you play also have chemistry and various interesting interactions. Either through story dialogue or Party Chat, the four characters don't always engage in serious conversations and have lots of interesting interactions with each other. This makes your journey to save the world tedious because the tone of the story and characters are always serious.

The only thing that might be lacking in the Bravely Default 2 story is the lack of side quests or side content that makes the world in the game even more interesting. Indeed, the world presented looks beautiful and is accompanied by no less cool enemies. But the majority of the side quests that you go through (which are quite a lot), don't try to enrich the world. The side quests that you do are also on average the same, namely fetch quests (looking for items and / or finding people) or defeating monsters. Fortunately each of these side quests usually provides useful rewards, so you still have a good reason to do it.

But honestly, the four characters you play and their personalities and interactions are enough to make your adventure even more interesting. [post_ads]

Brave and Default

Review Bravely Default 2, Classic JRPG with Attractive System

The good news is Bravely Default 2 has a core gameplay that makes you feel at home playing for hours, especially if you are a classic JRPG fan.

Bravely Default 2's story mission structure is almost always the same, and maybe the only flaw in the gameplay system in this game. Every part of the story always involves the beginning of a conflict, then you have to enter the dungeon in the surrounding area to face off against the boss. After that you will get a reward then move to the next area.

Fortunately this repetitive structure is masked by several things. First, there are no random encounters because enemy monsters will roam the overworld. They will come near you to fight you, but you can avoid it if you are in a hurry. In addition, if your party's level is too high, the monsters around you will also run away. This is of course very helpful when you return to the old area which was only filled with weak monsters. [post_ads]

Interesting Combat System

Review Bravely Default 2, Classic JRPG with Attractive System

The most important thing from Bravely Default 2 is the combat system which is presented very interestingly. You still have a turn-based combat system in the style of the classic JRPG game. But apart from that this game also has a unique system called Brave and Default. In fact, Default is a defensive position where your character misses his turn and saves one Brave point. One character can store a maximum of three Brave points, and when used, each will give you one additional action per turn. So if you use three Brave, your character can use four spells consecutively in one turn.

Brave and Default management is important because your opponent also has the same system. Indeed, your opponents have weaknesses that you can aim for. But at the same time they can also Default to survive, or vice versa, use Brave and produce great damage.

Review Bravely Default 2, Classic JRPG with Attractive System

Taking into account your opponent's Brave and Default usage and responding accordingly is an important factor because you don't have a definite indicator that shows when your opponent will move. You can see the opponent will attack in the near future, but you don't know exactly when, so you have to choose whether you will and can finish off the opponent who will attack or should defend first. If you attack, can you and should you use Brave, or do you need to save it for the next turn?

This combat system is also equipped with a fairly extensive attribute and job system. This game has a total of 24 unique jobs, each with different bonus attributes and separate levels and EXP points. Along with the job level, you will get active and passive skills that you can use in combat.

Each character can install two jobs, one as the main job that will get EXP and level. Meanwhile, another one is a sub-job that only provides skills for you to use, but won't get EXP and level. [post_ads]

Party System

Review Bravely Default 2, Classic JRPG with Attractive System

Combining two jobs that are right for your character and your party as a whole is an important factor that makes Bravely Default 2 even more exciting. A total of 24 jobs that can be paired open a very wide experimental room. In addition, using parties and optimal job combinations will help you do Brave and Default management easily and better. Otherwise, even regular combat is a long process, and remember, this game uses the classic JRPG formula where any combat against a monster with a balanced level can take some time if you're not careful.

Bravely Default 2 once again brings you the experience this series has always brought, namely the classic JRPG experience that you may rarely find in modern games. But even though it uses a classic formula, this game still has a modern touch that makes it interesting. If you are a fan of classic JRPGs, Bravely Default 2 is one of the must-have games.

Bravely Default 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch. [post_ads_2]

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