Season 3 Hyper Scape Presents the New Face of Map Neo Arcadia


Season 3 Hyper Scape Presents the New Face of Map Neo Arcadia

Even though it is quite late, Ubisoft still hasn't given up on making its newest battle royale game, Hyper Scape to attract the hearts of every player. This is because the game seems to die one month after its release, especially for connoisseurs in Southeast Asia.

However, the game is still loved by fans in America and Europe, which makes them not hesitate to present the Season 3 update this month.

The update called Shadow Rising will provide a Neo Arcadia 2.0 map with more diverse landmarks and areas. They also provided an easily identifiable zone for each player. [post_ads]

Not only maps, they also present a new hack called Firewall with the ability to remove the barrier or semi-circular shield in front of it to block enemy fire. But your shots and your teammates can get through it.

They have also changed the gameplay features in such a way with the addition of Hub Flow in the main menu. Hub Flow can provide a faster interactive experience, allowing players to see their squad in costumes and use Locker or Shop while matchmaking is running.

Interestingly, various modes such as Squad and Solo containing 60 both ranked and unranked players will still be running. They also made 6v6 Team Deathmatch mode permanent.

Hyper Scape has also added a new Season 3 battle pass and of course the story on which the game is based. [post_ads_2]

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