SHINee Key Confided in Taeyeon, Saying He Missed Jonghyun a Lot


SHINee Key Confided in Taeyeon, Saying He Missed Jonghyun a Lot

Key SHINee appeared on the program Home Alone (I Live Alone) on MBC television station.

At the event, Key showed his new beautiful home.

Key introduced himself as someone who has lived alone for eight years and had just lived in a new house for two weeks before filming began.

There may be inconvenience, I moved here because I wanted to live in a unique house - explained Key to Taeyeon of Girl's Generation as a host.

Key, who recently made a comeback with SM Entertainment's boy group SHINee, explained that he was physically exhausted while preparing for a comeback some time ago.

This comeback is very physically demanding - he added.

However, he chose to stay and work even harder thanks to the support from SHINee members.

If it weren't for the members, I couldn't do it - he explained.

Then, he shared that there was a comeback moment that felt difficult in the absence of an important voice.

The most difficult thing for us doing promotions is the loss of the most important voice. We realized it. It was like standing in a collapsed room and we could only stay silent. All the members felt that way too - he explained.

However, the sadness felt by all SHINee members for Jonghyun made Key not feel lonely.

One of the toughest concerts after Jonghyun's departure, Key said, took place in Japan where they split the song with four vocals for the first time.

Now that I'm doing well with promotions, I like it when we are all together and keep trying new things without knowing what will happen - he explained.

Reported by Soompi, Key mentioned Jonghyun's name in SHINee victory speech on M Countdown.

He explained that it happened naturally because he missed Jonghyun.

The words just came out without me thinking. In the past, I felt that this was a forbidden topic that we didn't talk about, I sincerely want people to know that we miss and need Jonghyun - he concluded.

Jonghyun is a SHINee member who killed himself in 2017 because he suffered from prolonged depression.

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