Sony Announces Next Gen PSVR Controller


Sony Announces Next Gen PSVR Controller

PlayStation has revealed the appearance of the next gen PSVR controller. Of course, as a next-gen controller, the features presented will be the same as those of DualSense plus other awesome features. Recently, PlayStation has said that it is developing the next gen PSVR, but it is not known when this console will be launched.

Through their official blog, Sony discusses the greatness of the next gen PSVR controller. The controller will have haptic feedback and adaptive trigger. In addition, there is a feature that can detect finger touch so that users don't have to press buttons or move analogues to make a movement because with this feature, everything will be automatic.

In terms of design, the next gen PSVR Controller has been introduced to the public. The shape is very futuristic with a myriad of the best features of DualSense! this is different from the previous PSVR controllers. This controller will wrap around the wrists of the gamers. This design is made possible so that gamers can grip the controller naturally plus it makes gamers free to make it.

With the design, gamers can grasp it naturally and can play with a high degree of freedom - said PlayStation Senior Vice President, Hideaki Nishino.

There are no restrictions on how to use it, so gamers can get a unique gaming experience later - he continued.

Of course, it is not strange if this next gen PSVR controller looks different from before. The reason is, Sony always accommodates open suggestions from the PSVR community regarding their development. No wonder the application looks strange because it's all based on the feedback given by gamers.

Sony Announces Next Gen PSVR Controller

Later, Nishino said that the prototype controller would soon be given to game developers.

What's important now is how game makers take advantage of the features in it to design the next generation of VR experiences - he said. By holding and feeling the sensation of the prototype, it is hoped that the developers will have an idea of using this controller later.

Of course, it will take a very long time for us as gamers to feel the sensation of the new controller. Talking about the latest PSVR, this console is currently entering the testing phase.

Sony itself is determined to make the system as good as possible so gamers can experience a better and more massive than before!

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