Studio Ghibli Founder Hates Ultraman!

Studio Ghibli Founder Hates Ultraman!

For many anime fans out there, they must be familiar with the figure of Hayao Miyazaki. He is one of the maestros in the world of animation. However, even so there is something unique about Hayao Miyazaki's figure. Miyazaki may be an expert in animation, but he himself hates anime films. He even hates most of popular culture.

Hayao Miyazaki did a lot of behind-the-scenes work for various anime productions, both TV and film, at the beginning of his career. However, he really hates the world of television, which he also considers that the anime series on television is a bad influence on children. And maybe not many geeks know, that Hayao Miyazaki blames one of the most popular franchises for this. [post_ads]

Studio Ghibli Founder Hates Ultraman!

Hayao Miyazaki blames Ultraman's classic tokusatsu series. Miyazaki had explained his reasons for hating Ultraman in two newspaper articles, as revealed in the book Turning Point: 1997-2008. In the article Recalling the Days of My Youth, which was released for The Akahata Sunday Edition in 1998, he wrote, Children are starting to think that the world on television is much more interesting than what happened in the real world when Ultraman. first aired. For children of that generation, the greatest thing in the world is Ultraman.

Then in the article Nothing Makes Me Happies Than Watching Childres Enjoy Themselves, released for Graph Mitaka in 2002 welcoming the opening of the Ghibli museum, Miyazaki mentions another Ultraman Generation in connection with their failure as parents. Parents have failed… and as we see today, children don't know what to do. Among my peers there are those who are part of the Ultraman generation, and the problem continues to increase and it's always the same among them. [post_ads]

Miyazaki also noted that few people were willing to criticize the effects of television, noting that everyone and everything is slowly becoming dumber. Miyazaki himself did not explain in more detail what content was criticized from the Ultraman series, although overall Miyazaki was worried about the various media that continued to present violent scenes.

What is also unique is that Hayao Miyazaki's hatred for the Ultraman series affects his relationship with the successor, Hideaki Anno. Anno, who was born in 1960, was six years old when Ultraman first aired. And Anno himself is very crazy about Ultraman. In fact, his first career in film was the result of his collaboration with fellow film lovers Ultraman when he was in college. And now, he is directing the film Shin Ultraman.

Anno himself is considered to be Miyazaki's successor. Even though Miyazaki and Anno are close friends, it is not uncommon for Anno to think that Miyazaki is a tough figure and it is also not uncommon for them to disagree. Do you think Hayao Miyazaki's words have a point, geeks? Do you think Ultraman is a bad influence? Or vice versa? [post_ads_2]


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