Synopsis Lucky Fat Man, Two Fortunes That Change Lives


Synopsis Lucky Fat Man, Two Fortunes That Change Lives

Lucky Fat Man is a Hong Kong comedy film which was released on January 19, 2017. This film is the result of the direction of director Jill Wong with scriptwriter Patrick Kong and starring Shing-Bun Lam, Natalie Tong, and Kwong Leung Wong. This 90-minute comedy film tells the sad life of Chow Chong Fat.

Chow Chong Fat (Shing-Bun Lam) has been living a household ark with his wife, Wat Kam Heung for 10 years. He works as an accountant and helps in a business owned by his wife's family. Namely the restaurant business "Lo Wat Kei" which was founded by Wat Kam Heung's father. [post_ads]

During the 10 years of living together and working in the Heung family business, Chow Chong Fat did not feel happy. Because every day, Chow Chong Fat always gets bullying from his wife's family. His life changes when one day he gets two fortunes at once, reunites with his first love Ceci and wins the HK $ 20 million lottery.

However, his luck turns out to be the beginning of an unexpected story. What happened to Chow Chong Fat's next life? Watch the hilarious story in the comedy film Lucky Fat Man which airs on Viu. [post_ads_2]

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