Synopsis My Girlfriend is an Agent | Beautiful Woman in Action


Synopsis My Girlfriend is an Agent | Beautiful Woman in Action

What happens if a beautiful woman disguises herself and hides her identity as a spy agent? That is what Ahn Su Ji (Kim Ha Neul), a woman who hides her identity to start a career as a professional agent.

His lover, Jae Joon (Kang Ji Hwan), who doesn't know about this, often feels confused because Su Ji likes to suddenly disappear.

Jae Joon then decided to leave his home country, Korea, and Su Ji.

For the last time before leaving, Jae Joon is still trying to contact Su Ji, but unfortunately there is no answer.

It seems that at that time Su Ji was carrying out his action to destroy an international crime organization.

Three years later, Su Ji is again on a mission to disguise herself as a janitor.

Behind the disguise, Su Ji must solve the case of the Russian mafia involving biological weapons. [post_ads]

While on duty, Su Ji accidentally meets her ex-lover, Jae Joon.

Instantly Su Ji immediately attacked Jae Joon for remembering that this man had just left him.

Investigating it, Jae Joon also has his own secrets about himself.

Unexpectedly, Jae Joon apparently also became a secret agent.

His departure at that time was not because he no longer loved Su Ji, but because he had to take on the task of tracking down a Russian organization that Su Ji was also working on. [post_ads_2]

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