Synopsis of A Case of You, Justin Long's Efforts to Overcome Writer's Block


Synopsis of A Case of You, Justin Long's Efforts to Overcome Writer's Block

A Case of You is a film made by director Kat Coiro which was shown at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. Actor Justin Long is paired with Evan Rachel Wood as the main character. Not only that, Justin Long also co-produced this film and worked on the script with his brother, Christoper, and Keir O'Donnell who also played a supporting role.

The film A Case of You tells the story of a writer in New York City named Sam (Justin Long) who feels dissatisfied with his life. In fact, Sam is a fairly successful writer. The novel he wrote based on a film called Teen Vampire gained high popularity. Even so, he did not want to go back to writing a novel similar to the one suggested by Alan (Vince Vaughn).

Sam also ended up having a deadlock in writing or writing's block. On the other hand, he feels attracted to Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood), a street artist and barista at a local coffee shop.

However, Sam is confused about how to get acquainted with him. His roommate, Eliot (Keir O'Donnell), advises him to check out Birdie's Facebook profile. [post_ads]

This is where Sam knows the things that this woman likes. In order to win Birdie's heart, Sam pretends to be interested in liking the same thing. He is willing to learn guitar, cook French dishes, to buy books written by favorite author Birdie. Until one day, Sam ventured into a comedy club that Birdie had mentioned on his online profile.

Sam will pretend to meet "accidentally" with Birdie there. The meeting turns out to be successful in making the two of them close. Sam decides to write a new novel based on his relationship with Birdie. He tries to pretend he likes the things that Birdie likes. in order to spend more time together.

However, Sam found it increasingly difficult to keep pretending. Things get complicated when Birdie falls in love with Sam. Will Sam finally admit to his lies to Birdie all this time? Watch the next story in the film A Case of You. [post_ads_2]

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