Techland Admits That the Dying Light 2 Series is Too Early to Announce


Techland Admits That the Dying Light 2 Series is Too Early to Announce

The lack of new information from Dying Light 2 makes many gamers feel that the game development is in trouble. They are also as if worried that the case will end up the same as Cyberpunk 2077.The game made by CD Projekt Red can actually be categorized as a good game both in terms of story and gameplay, but unfortunately it is filled with various technical problems and many features that were promised previously were lost during its release. .

Answering these doubts, Techland has just confirmed that the current Dying Light 2 development process is still running smoothly and away from various problems. It's just that they also admit that the zombie-themed open-world game was announced too early. [post_ads]

Dying Light 2 itself was first announced at the E3 2018 event. It is planned for a spring 2020 release, but unfortunately it has to be postponed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Even until 2021, we still have no certainty about the release date. Therefore, it is natural that many gamers start to question the slow progress of the game's development.

At least we will still get a bright spot in the near future. Because Techland promised to provide new information about Dying Light 2 on March 17 through their official Discord server. [post_ads_2]


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