Tips How to Ease Stress From Kai EXO & Jeonghan SEVENTEEN


Tips How to Ease Stress From Kai EXO & Jeonghan SEVENTEEN

Having a busy and busy schedule as an idol, Kai EXO and SEVENTEEN Jeonghan admit that they often experience stress.

Fortunately, they both have a method that can relieve stress.

Kai and Jeonghan stress-busting method is unique, namely playing lego.

In the ASMR interview with W Korea, Kai admitted that playing lego had a positive impact on him because he could forget many things.

Playing lego, said Kai, is very time-consuming so that the stress that is whacking can be temporarily forgotten.

The reason why I like Lego is making it take me a lot of time - said Kai.

In addition, Kai said playing lego was an activity that made him forget the problems he had.

When I think about a lot of things, I think it's cool when I play lego I forget everything - he added.

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan on The Kelly Clarkson Show explained that completing a lego form makes him proud.

When I finished finishing one, I thought it was the perfect day. I was very proud and felt it was a great day - said Jeonghan.

Jeonghan because he likes Lego so much that makes Joshua play it too.

I tried to make lego because Jeonghan told me to, and there is a sense of satisfaction when everything comes together - added Joshua.

Playing lego, Jeonghan said, made him feel good, especially if it was perfectly formed.

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