Titan-Sized Manga Attack on Titan Sold Out in 2 Minutes!


Titan-Sized Manga Attack on Titan Sold Out in 2 Minutes!

In early March, Kodansha had announced that they would be releasing a super-large manga Attack on Titan with the aim of breaking the world record for the largest comic book ever published.

With its value status as a "limited edition" version which is only available for 100 units and the owner will later become one of the largest comic book holders in the world to beat the previous record, the book "Turma da Mônica", this unique Attack on Titan comic is sold out only. in just two minutes.

Even though it hasn't officially earned the title as the biggest manga or comic in the world because this book still has to go through the shipping process into the hands of buyers starting next May, Kodansha has proven their seriousness to break new records by providing various evidences to be certified by Guinness World Records.

The Attack on Titan super-large size manga is 6 to 7 times larger than normal comics. With 101 centimeters in height, 71.5 cm in width, and around 13.7 kg in weight, some fans have commented that this manga can even be read by Titan.

Kodansha said that this book should be stored in a lying position so that there is no damage or deformation due to its abnormal size and weight.

This giant version of Attack on Titan manga is priced at 150,000 yen or around $1.378 USD. The contents of the book are a reproduction of the first volume of the manga. Including the first and second chapters with a total of 96 pages.

Seeing how enthusiastic the fans are for this giant manga which is only available in 100 units worldwide, it is possible that in the future Kodansha might prepare a second book with more attractive offers.

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